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Implement, Manage, and Troubleshoot Display Devices
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There are really only two available options for instancing. The correct choice will depend on how many instances of the application will be running at each client. If only one application is running at each client location, the instancing mode could be set to PerSession because the one-to-one correspondence between the client and the service can be maintained with this configuration. However, if more than one instance of the application can be running at each client, a PerSession instance mode will not achieve the desired results because all the instances from one client will not be sharing a service instance. If this is the scenario, the solution would be to implement a custom IInstanceContextProvider. The logic in this provider would need to determine, based on the contents of the message, which client made the request and hand out the appropriate instance. Determination of the client could be based on the IP address from which the request came or the set of credentials used to access the service, or, as part of the client configuration, a token (such as an instance ID) could be sent along with each message.
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Ranking functions are used to provide simple analytics such as statistical ordering or segmentation. In this lesson, you learn how to use the four ranking functions that ship with SQL Server 2008.
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Review audit logs and other logs looking for needs to restrict further access. Use Web proxies to limit user access to external resources. Use firewalls to limit access to internal networks.
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For more information on the various aspects of a PKI, look up the PKI white paper series at http:// www.reso-net.com/articles.asp m=8 under the Advanced Public Key Infrastructures section.
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Increases data protection by providing complete or near complete data redundancy, depending on which operating mode you configure. Increases database availability in the event of disaster. In high-safety mode with automatic failover, you can bring the database online without data loss. In other operating modes, service can be forced to a standby copy with possible data loss.
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private IIdentity _identity;
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db_denydatawriter db_owner
In addition to the computers and the network hardware, your image creation network might require any or all of the following services:
and dates. At first, ignore any culture settings. Now pick three cultures that you aren t familiar with (if you re familiar with all of them, just randomly pick three), and one by one, change the current culture to each of those three. Examine the dates and the currencies, and see the effects of your changes.
When selecting a distributed application method, first consider Web services because Web services are highly interoperable and accessible from almost any platform.
Users do not need to unzip backed-up files
Modifying, Creating, and Deleting User Accounts
Key Terms
Introducing VBScript
Disk Space
Configuring Connection Pooling with SQL Server Connections
reversible encryption A mechanism that stores an encrypted password in such a way that the original password can be unencrypted and retrieved. Some applica tions require the unencrypted password so that they can perform certain tasks. Rivest Shamir Adleman (RSA) cryptographic algorithms A widely used set of public key algorithms that were published by RSA Data Security, Inc. The RSA cryptographic algorithms are supported by the Microsoft Base Cryptographic Ser vice Provider and the Microsoft Enhanced Cryptographic Service Provider. root certificate authority The most trusted certificate authority (CA), which is at the top of a certification hierarchy. The root CA has a self-signed certificate. Also called the root authority. root domain The beginning of the DNS namespace. In Active Directory, the initial domain in an Active Directory tree. Also, the initial domain of a forest. root hints DNS data stored on a DNS server that identifies the authoritative DNS servers for the root zone of the DNS namespace. The root hints are stored in the file Cache.dns, located in the WINDOWS\System32\Dns folder. root servers DNS servers that are authoritative for the root of the namespace.
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