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Case Scenario 2: Selecting a Security Method for Your WSE Router
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If there are two or more profiles in the Available Hardware Profiles list, Windows XP Professional prompts the user to make a selection during startup. You can configure how long the computer waits before starting the default configuration. To adjust this time delay, click the Select The First Profile Listed If I Don t Select A Profile option, and then specify the number of seconds in the Seconds text box within the Hardware Profiles Selection group. You can configure Windows XP Professional to start the default profile by setting the number of seconds to 0. To override the default during startup, press SPACEBAR during the system prompt. You can also select the Wait Until I Select A Hardware Profile option to have Windows XP Professional wait for you to select a profile.
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Figure 12-1
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Lesson 1: Drawing Graphics
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6. In the Add LPR Compatible Printer dialog box, in the Name Or Address Of Server Providing LPD text box, type the DNS name or IP address of the host of the printer you are adding. In the Name Of Printer Or Print Queue On That Server text box, type the name of the print queue. Click OK.
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' VB ' Assumes existence of DataSet1 with a Customers table
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After doing some research, you find that the problem might be described in Microsoft Knowledge Base article 810881, Access is Denied Error Message When You Try to Open a Folder. Before you attempt to fix the user s problem, you have decided to try to re-create the folder on your own system to see how you will solve the problem on the user s system. Describe your solution.
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Figure 2-13 The Find box
Objective 2.1
Configuring Alternate TCP/IP Settings User-configured alternate settings allow you to manually specify the IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, DNS server, and WINS servers to be used when a DHCP server is not available. This is an ideal configuration for portable computers that function with DHCP at one location, but use a static address at another location. If the portable computer is connected to the network that supports DHCP, it automatically obtains an address from the DHCP server. However, if it is connected to a network without DHCP services, it uses the configuration spec ified here. Figure 10-8 displays the Alternate Configuration tab of TCP/IP properties, with userconfigured settings.
Personalizing Office Features
Backing Up Data
Troubleshooting Lab
In this exercise, you restore the differential database backup that you performed in Exercise 2. 1. In SSMS, replace any text in the query pane with the following code:
Identify and Troubleshoot Problems Related to Security Permissions
Lesson 1: Make, Buy, or Extend
.NET Framework 2.0 Configuration tool
Read the following two scenarios and answer the associated questions. You can use the scenarios to help determine whether you have learned enough to move on to the next chapter. If you have difficulty completing this work, review the material in this chapter before beginning the next chapter. You can find answers to these questions in the Questions and Answers section at the end of this chapter.
After you add a reference to the remote object to a project, any code that instantiates the remote object must fully qualify the namespace and name of the object when instantiating it or address the namespace with a using statement or Imports statement. Client code should compile after a reference is added to the project; however, at run time, the client calling code should be directed to the actual remote object instead of the local copy.
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