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about the system but does not contain the necessary files to start Windows Server 2003.
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2. For a computer running IAS, what is the difference between remote access poli cies and connection request policies
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Name EnableRaisingEvents
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CPU Task
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Questions and Answers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4-54
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Receive Connector Permission Groups
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Lesson 2: Automating the Creation and Management of Groups
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In this exercise, you will create the trust relationship to enable authentication of Tailspin Toys users in the Contoso domain. 1. Users in tailspintoys.com require access to a shared folder in contoso.com. Answer the following questions:
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A user s ability to connect and log on to a terminal server is determined by a number of factors, each of which, if not functioning properly, produces a unique error message:
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Lesson 4
Monitoring Windows XP Perfromance
Scope/Definition Public/Method
Adolfo Wiernik Previous versions of SQL Server did not provide a way to update XML data at the node level. The only technology available was SQLXML updategrams, which are covered in this lesson. But updategrams enable you to modify relational data represented as XML data. Updategrams provide modification capabilities for data viewed as XML and not stored as XML. Another possibility was to use OPENXML, convert the XML structure into a tabular format, update it, and then convert it back into XML. Of course, this caused heavy processor and memory usage. The last and easiest solution was to update the XML data by using a middle-tier technology such as Document Object Model (DOM) or Simple API for XML (SAX), but this meant that the database was not aware of the changes being made.
Figure 12-10 Configuring an enterprise network IP address range
In this exercise, you will configure a log shipping session for the AdventureWorks data base between two instances of SQL Server.
This DMV returns information about the waits encountered by threads that are in execution. You can use the view to diagnose performance issues with SQL Server and also with specific queries and batches. The DMV returns the following information:
Launching the KCC
Lesson 1
// Write the type to SQL Server. void IBinarySerialize.Write(System.IO.BinaryWriter w) { w.Write(this.m_Value); w.Write(this.m_CurrencyCode); }
Drop the table that references it. Remove the foreign key constraint with an ALTER TABLE statement.
' VB Class Program Public Overloads Shared Sub Main() Using theLog As New Logger() theLog.Add("Hello Mom") End Using End Sub End Class // C# class Program { static void Main(string[] args) { using (Logger theLog = new Logger()) { theLog.Add("Hello Mom"); } } }
If a user is logged on remotely and a user attempts to log on locally, the remote user will be informed that a local user wants to connect. As is the case when a remote user attempts to connect when a local user is logged on, the remote user in this case can deny or allow the local user s attempt to log on. User group membership is irrelevant, and no user can forcibly disconnect another user. This includes the local Administrator account, which is disabled by default.
The IANA has reserved through for APIPA. As a result, APIPA provides an address that is guaranteed not to conflict with routable addresses.
Key Points
database partners The term for a pair of prin-
A catalog directory name follows the convention CatalogData-<guid>-<guid> where the first <guid> is the globally unique identifier (GUID) of the database, and the second <guid> represents the Instance GUID, which is used in the clustered scenario to distinguish between the nodes. It is possible to back up the catalog directories by specifying their paths and performing a file backup. However, the search index can become unsynchronized with the database after recovery if transaction log files are played into the recovered database. Typically, you would not back up or restore catalog directories but instead rebuild the search index catalog after a restore. To do this, stop the Microsoft Exchange Search service, delete the old catalog, and then restart the service. This action forces the server to re-create the search index catalog.
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