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1. Several of the junior software engineers, working from home, have attempted to access resources located in one of the hub offices with no success. You check to see if there are any inbound filters configured for the server, and are told there are not. Why can t the junior software engineers access the internal network resources What can you do to make it possible for them to access these resources
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Description Closes the stream and releases any resources associated with it. (Inherited from the Stream class.) Clears any buffers within the stream and forces changes to be written to the underlying system or device. (Inherited from the Stream class.)
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MORE INFO Updating drivers
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Introducing Windows 7 for Developers There are several types of devices that can be used for Ink-based applications: Pen Input Computers that support pen digitizers are typically Tablet PCs, but they can also be desktop computers that support external digitizers. These computers can take advantage of the pen input in Silverlight. They create Ink that can be integrated into Silverlight Web pages so that handwriting, drawing, annotation, and other input formats can be supported on the Web. Touch Input Touch screens are common in kiosk environments or other places where a stylus or keyboard is unwieldy or unnecessary. Silverlight with Ink annotation supports touch screens, allowing rich Internet applications with touch-based interactivity. Mouse Input The mouse can be used to provide digitized, penlike input similar to a Tablet PC pen. However, this Ink input has a lower resolution than if you used a true Tablet PC pen.
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Lab: Testing Applications for Vulnerabilities
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362 ChAPTER 9 Deploying Applications
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Comma-separated value (CSV) file An implementation of a delimited text file that uses
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As a part of your company s policy, all actions by systems administrators related to accounts, such as account creation, deletion, renaming, as well as group creation, dele tion, and renaming, and account disabling and password changes must be audited. These events are to be stored in the Security log. To comply with this policy you are currently editing the default domain GPO. Which audit event should you enable
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After you enable disk quotas for a volume, Windows XP Professional collects disk usage data for all users who own files and folders on the volume, which allows you to monitor volume usage on a per-user basis. Even if you do not limit the disk space available to users, disk quotas provide an effective means of monitoring the disk space consumed by users. By default, only members of the Administrators group can view and change quota settings. However, you can allow users to view quota settings.
To handle the dispatching, the attribute class must implement the IContractBehavior interface. This interface exposes a set of methods that enable aspects of a service to be modified at run time. For the methods to be used, objects that implement IContractBehavior must be added either through code or as an attribute on the service. They cannot be added through the application configuration files. Table 12-2 contains a list of the methods that IContractBehavior objects must implement and how they will be used.
1. On a network segment that contains multiple DHCP servers, which server responds with an offer of an IP address to a DHCP-enabled client
A quick way to delete all temporary Internet files is to choose Internet Options from the Tools menu of Internet Explorer and then select Delete Files on the General tab of the Internet Options dialog box. If you do not want to delete all of the files in the folder, you can access the folder from within Internet Explorer (and you do not have to have the option to view hidden files turned on).
The purpose of this chapter is to teach you to support end users who run Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP Home Edition, or Windows XP Professional and who use Microsoft Office Outlook or Outlook Express as their e-mail client. In this chapter, you will learn to create, configure, and troubleshoot e-mail accounts and newsgroups, keep Outlook and Outlook Express run ning smoothly by maintaining the stored data, and resolve common end-user requests, such as:
10 Review
1. 2. 3.
figURE 4-15 Select User, Computer, or Group dialog box
In text box, enter 90. Click OK.
Lesson 2: Configuring Remote Support
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