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B. Incorrect: For some businesses, this might be the best solution. However, for an online store, the database is most likely active all hours of the day. This action therefore does not improve the performance of queries exe cuted at night. C. Incorrect: This is not a valid option because the security policy requires that the servers run real-time virus scanning. D. Correct: This is the best way to ensure that real-time virus protection does not interfere with database queries. 3. Correct Answer: C A. Incorrect: The SQL Server service is required to run the server. B. Incorrect: The SQL Server Agent service is required to automate tasks. C. Correct: SQL Server Browser is a name resolution service that provides SQL Server connection information for client computers. This service is not needed for SQL Server to provide any of the features stated in the question. D. Incorrect: The SQL Writer service enables backup and restore applications to operate in the VSS framework. 4. Correct Answers: B and D A. Incorrect: You need to keep this port closed to prevent external users from connecting to the internal database server. B. Correct: SQL Server listens on this port, so you need to keep this port open on the internal firewall. This way, the Web server in the perimeter network can communicate with the SQL Server computer. C. Incorrect: You need to keep this port closed to prevent external users from connecting to the internal database server. D. Correct: SQL Server listens on this port, so you need to keep this port open on the internal firewall. This way, the Web server in the perimeter network can communicate with the SQL Server computer. 5. Correct Answers: A, B, and D A. Correct: An accessible CD tray provides an opportunity to boot the server with an alternate operating system, invalidating the security settings for files stored on the server. B. Correct: Servers containing important company data should be kept in a server room requiring authorization to enter.
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Lesson 2
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Lesson 3: Assigning Data Types to Control Characteristics of Data Stored in a Column
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I assigned a task, and it disappeared.
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Page 5-12
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In this practice, you will process SSAS objects in BIDS and SSMS and generate processing scripts. You will also work with the advanced proactive caching options.
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Computers maintain accounts that, like users, include a SID and group memberships. Be careful about deleting computer objects. Disabling computer objects allows you to enable the objects again when the computer needs to participate in the domain. Problems with computer accounts are generally quite evident, with error messages and events logged that indicate problems in an account, a password, a secure channel, or a trust relationship. Using the four rules in Lesson 3, you can troubleshoot just about any computer account problem.
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Lab: Create and Use an Application Event Log
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Web Server
Each console includes a console tree, console menu and toolbars, and the details pane. The contents of these will vary, depending on the design and features of the snap-in you use. Figure 2-2 shows a populated MMC with two snap-ins loaded.
1. Log on to Windows XP using an account with administrator privileges. 2. Locate the MBSASetup-en.msi file in the Tools folder on the CD that comes with the book. Double-click the file to start the installation.
Which clause should you use to make data modifications visible through the view The WITH CHECK OPTION clause places a constraint on INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, BCP, and BULK INSERT statements, so the operations can occur only on the set of rows that match the criteria in the view s WHERE clause.
Provides a wizard with an easy-to-use graphical interface with which you can create and modify answer files Makes it easy to create UDFs (typically named unattend.udb)
To view users who have shared files and folders open, select the Open Files option under the Shared Folders entry, as illustrated in Figure 5-20. The details pane displays the files and folders that are currently in use on the server. This information is valuable if you are trying to work with a shared folder or file and need to know who is currently accessing the resource so that you can ask that person to disconnect.
Figure 18-15 Configure options for connecting to a remote computer.
A digital signature guarantees that a package came from its claimed source (authenticity) and it is 100 percent intact and unmodified (integrity). A digital certificate identifies an organization, and it is trustworthy because it can be checked electronically by a CA. The high-level procedure to sign a device driver is as follows: 1. Create a digital certificate for signing. You do this on the Certificates console on the Certificate Server (CA). You can also use the MakeCert utility. 2. Add the certificate to the Trusted Root CA Certification Authorities store. This is a copy-and-paste operation that you perform in the Certificates Console, from which you can access the Trusted Root CA Certification Authorities store. 3. Add the certificate to the Trusted Publishers store. You can do this also in the Certificates snap-in. 4. Sign the device driver package with the certificate. To do this, you prepare the driver package .inf file, create a catalog file for the driver package, and sign the catalog file by using the Signtool utility. EXAM TIP The procedure to sign a device driver digitally has been deliberately given as a high-level procedure. You typically would do this in a domain, organizational unit, or site. The examination is most unlikely to test this procedure in any detail. It is sufficient to know that it is possible and to know why you would do it. DISABLE DRIVER SIGNATURE ENFORCEMENT If you want to test new drivers that are being developed by your organization but do not want to sign these drivers every time they are revised, you can restart your computer, press F8 during reboot, and select Disable Driver Signature Enforcement. This permits you to run unsigned drivers until the computer is again rebooted. This workaround is particularly useful in 64-bit versions of Windows 7, where unsigned drivers cannot by default be installed even if you supply administrator credentials. MORE INFO: DISABLE DRIVER SIGNATURE ENFORCEMENT For more information about the Disable Driver Signature Enforcement function, see http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa906338.aspx. Checking Digital Signatures with the DirectX Diagnostic Tool You can use the DirectX Diagnostic (DXdiag) tool to troubleshoot DirectX-related issues. One of these issues is whether a device driver for a DirectX device (for example your video driver) has passed Microsoft's Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL) testing regimen and has been digitally signed. You start the DXdiag tool by entering dxdiag in the Start search box, the Run command box, or the command prompt. You do not need to open an elevated command prompt to run DXdiag. When DXdiag starts, it displays the System tab. This provides system information and specifies the version of DirectX that is installed on your computer. The first time you use the tool, select
To configure TCP/IP properties on any computer, you must be logged on as a member of the Administrators group.
then click Add. This adds an entry to the list for configuring a log.
Lesson 4
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