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// C# myWriter.WriteStartElement("colors"); myWriter.WriteElementString("color", "blue"); myWriter.WriteEndElement();
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END CONVERSATION @dialog_handle;
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Lesson 3: Supporting Computer Objects and Accounts
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if (input.Length > 20) throw new Exception( Input too long. );
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Figure 6-22: Pinging an IPv6 link-local address Tools specific to IPv6 are provided in the Netsh command structure. For example, the netsh interface ipv6 show neighbors command shows the IPv6 interfaces of all hosts on the local subnet. You use this command in the practice later in this lesson, after you have Configured IPv6 connectivity on a subnet. Verifying IPv6 Configuration And Connectivity If you are troubleshooting connectivity problems or merely want to check your configuration, arguably the most useful tool and certainly one of the most used is Ipconfig. If you enter
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Lesson 2: Configuring Windows Fax and Scan
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Configure demand-dial routing Manage demand-dial interfaces Troubleshoot demand-dial routing
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Application Security
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Downloading SQL Server 2005 SP1
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1. Launch SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), connect to your instance, and then open a new query window. 2. Construct a CREATE TABLE statement for the Customer table as follows:
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(typeof(Server.MyRemoteClass), "MyRemotingObject",
A single Class C network can be divided into two subnets.
Case Scenario Exercise 17-19
Pr actice
Understanding Group Policy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9-34
1. What is the purpose of the PrintDialog component 2. What is the purpose of the PrintPreview component
In this practice, you first delete any existing table called dbo.Headlights. You then create and display the dbo.Headlights table. 1. Log in to your domain at your member server by using either a domain administrator account or an account that has been added to the sysadmin server role. If you are using virtual machine software, log in to your domain and connect to your member server. 2. From the All Programs (or Programs) menu, choose Microsoft SQL Server 2005, and then choose SQL Server Management Studio. 3. In the Connect To Server dialog box, specify Database Engine as the server type. Specify the name of your member server as the server name. Specify Windows Authentication. On the Options tab, specify the AdventureWorks Database and the TCP/IP protocol. Click Connect. 4. Click New Query. 5. In Query Editor, type in the following code:
Lesson 4 Review
use, but is listed under another type of auditing event, Audit Account Management.
Answer the following questions for your manager: 1. How can we warn the user of a problem without displaying the user interface at all times How will we allow the user to launch a user interface when there is a problem 2. When there is a problem, how can we design the user interface so that the user is able to examine, print, and save individual files
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