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If a computer running Windows XP Professional is a member of a Windows domain, there is the potential for two users with the same user account name to log on to the same computer. An example of this might involve the local Administrator account (stored in the local accounts database of the Windows XP computer) and the domain Administrator account (stored in the Active Directory database on the domain control lers). The local account and the domain account are discrete entities, each maintaining a different user profile. Windows XP does not allow two user accounts with the same name to share the same profile folder (for example, C:\Documents And Settings\Administrator). If Windows were to allow this to occur, the profile of one user would overwrite the profile of the other. Instead, Windows creates the profile of the first user to log on using the user name of the user in \Documents And Settings\%username%. Windows stores subse quent user accounts with the same name using the path \Documents And Set tings\%username%.x. The folder extension (x) varies as follows:
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share. He should navigate to the Quotas tab, select the Enable Quota Management and Deny Disk Space To Users Exceeding Quota Limit check boxes, and on the Quota Entries tab, add the Undergrad group and apply a 100 MB quota. Rooslan should then edit the properties of the volume that hosts the postgraduate, admin istrative, and academic staff shares. He should navigate to the Quotas tab, select the Enable Quota Management and Deny Disk Space To Users Exceeding Quota Limit check boxes. In the Quota Entries tab, he should add the Postgrad group and apply a 300 MB quota; he should then add the Secrat group and apply a 500 MB quota; and he should finally add the Academ group and apply an 800 MB quota.
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Lesson Review
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As in earlier versions of Windows, security can be configured for files and folders on any NTFS volume by right-clicking the resource and choosing Properties (or Sharing And Security) then clicking the Security tab. The interface that appears has many aliases; it has been called the Permissions dialog box, the Security Settings dialog box, the Security tab, or the Access Control List editor (ACL editor). Whatever you call it, it looks the same. An example can be seen on the Security tab of the Docs Properties dialog box, as shown in Figure 6-4.
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Domain controller
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Perimeter Network Internal Network
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The BULK INSERT Transact-SQL command is the in-process brother to bcp. BULK INSERT has similar arguments to bcp, but they are less cryptic. The BULK INSERT permissions have changed from SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2005. Similar to bcp, certain hints, such as TABLOCK, must be used with BULK INSERT for minimal logging to occur.
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2. Can a snap-in have focus on both the local computer and a remote computer simultaneously
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Create a Web service project that will act as a WSE router. Configure the WSE Router to accept requests for all .asmx files and create a referralCache.config file that routes messages no matter what the content is. You can route messages for the Web service project you created in practice 1 for WSE SOAP Messaging. You will then add a Web application project that acts as a cli ent and makes a request to the Web service.
Do Not Display "Install Updates And Shut Down" Option In Shut Down Windows Dialog Box This policy allows you to configure whether the Shut Down menu displays the Install Updates And Shut Down option. The default setting has this option available. Do Not Adjust Default Option To "Install Updates And Shut Down" in Shut Down Windows Dialog Box When this policy setting is enabled, the user's last shutdown choice is the default shutdown option. When this policy setting is disabled or is not configured, Install Updates and Shut Down is the default option if updates are available for installation. This policy is deprecated when the Do Not Display "Install Updates And Shut Down" Option In Shut Down Windows Dialog Box policy is enabled. Enabling Windows Update Power Management To Automatically Wake The System To Install Scheduled Updates This policy allows Windows Update to wake a hibernating computer to install updates. Updates does not install if the computer is hibernating on battery power. Configure Automatic Updates This policy, shown in Figure 12-15, allows you to configure update detection, download, and installation settings. Several of these
Case Scenario 1: Upgrading an Old Application. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 407
user3Label.Text = WindowsIdentity.GetCurrent.Name
Move-Mailbox Don Hall -TargetDatabase First Storage Group\First Glasgow Mailbox Database -PreserveMailboxSizeLimit
<behaviors> <serviceBehaviors> <behavior name="ServiceCredentialsBehavior"> <serviceCredentials> <serviceCertificate findValue="Contoso.com" x509FindType="FindBySubjectName" /> </serviceCredentials> </behavior> </serviceBehaviors> </behaviors>
This element contains any metadata that describes what is in the Body element. This element is optional, but it must be placed before the Body element. This element is the main portion of the message, where all the data is located. This is also where most of the special formatting occurs.
For more information and hints on diagnosing problems caused by a malfunctioning cable modem, dial-up modem, WAP, or network cable or by an ISP outage, search for Troubleshoot network and Internet connection problems in Windows Help and Support.
step you through the creation of supported volume types. The Select Volume Type page of the wizard is shown in Figure 11-2.
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What if inner has a longer timeout than outer
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