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6. Close Windows Explorer and then log off Windows XP Professional.
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1. Correct Answer: C A. Incorrect: The AssemblyBuilder class has no methods (static or constructors) to create an instance of the AssemblyBuilder class. B. Incorrect: The ModuleBuilder class has no methods to create an instance of the AssemblyBuilder class.
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Directory Business Continuity
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Again, the addition of instrumentation adds to the development schedule. Even with a centralized module, code still needs to be added at the appropriate points. In fact, there is effort
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You are a server administrator for Contoso, Ltd. The company s file servers are running out of disk capacity, and it is necessary to upgrade. In the past, the company has relied on tape backups for data redundancy. Due to recent growth, it is no longer acceptable to encounter more than a few minutes of downtime if a server disk drive fails. You have therefore been asked to evaluate disk storage options that provide fault tolerance.
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Review the chapter summary. Review the list of key terms introduced in this chapter. Complete the case scenario. This scenario sets up a real-world situation involving the topics of this chapter and asks you to create solutions. Complete the suggested practices. Take a practice test. data matrix barcode
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Group Policy Settings
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Description Renders a filled closed curve specified by an array of points Renders a filled ellipse Renders a filled GraphicsPath that usually represents a complex shape Renders a filled pie shape that represents a slice of an ellipse Renders a filled polygon specified by an array of points Renders a filled rectangle Renders a series of filled rectangles Renders a filled Region object that usually corresponds to a complex shape
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Any user can tell you that creating documents involves much more than typing words on a page, just as editing documents involves much more than checking spelling and grammar. As a DST, you will be called on to help end users work smarter and faster by teaching them to use the available editing tools. These tools can make both creating and editing documents easier, and there are many tools available. AutoCorrect is one such tool. It can be used to automatically correct spelling errors as a user types, capitalize days of the week, capitalize the first letter in sentences, and more. You can use AutoFormat to automatically apply styles such as bulleted lists, frac tions, and hyperlinks. AutoText lets you automatically complete text entries such as Dear Madam or Sir, Special Delivery, To Whom It May Concern, and even personal entries created by the user. In addition to these tools, users can add words to the dictionaries and configure spell ing and grammar options. Users can even add words to the AutoCorrect list so that the dictionary recognizes them. (These can include symbols, too.)
Executing this SQL script will result in a result set that details the amount and type of memory that is allocated to each memory node. See Figure B-3 for the result of this query on a fourprocessor machine with 8 GB of total RAM.
Because you just indicated that the current binding has a particular configuration, you must now add it. 14. Below the closing tag for the services element, add the following XML elements to configure the wsHttpBinding to allow transactions to flow across the service boundary, as shown here:
Minimum Password Length
Description Gets a collection of key/value pairs that provide additional, user-defined information about the exception Gets or sets a link to the help file associated with this exception Gets the Exception instance that caused the current exception Gets a message that describes the current exception Gets or sets the name of the application or object that caused the error Gets a string representation of the frames on the call stack at the time the current exception was thrown
7. Click OK to close the Authentication dialog box, and then click OK to close the Internal Properties dialog box. 8. Click Apply to apply the changes.
A. Correct: A Windows Device CAL allows a device, such as a workstation, to con
IT Department Head
If you are using a client computer running Windows XP Professional, Windows XP Home Edition, or Windows 2000, you can connect to a printer through your corporate intranet. You can type a URL in your Web browser, and you do not have to use the Add Printer Wizard. In Windows XP Professional, you can use Microsoft Internet Explorer, the Printers And Faxes folder, My Computer, or any other window or folder that has an address bar. After you make a connection, Windows XP Professional copies the correct printer drivers to the client computer automatically. A Web designer can customize this Web page, for example, to display a floor plan that shows the location of print devices to which users can connect. There are two ways to connect to a printer using a Web browser:
Internet Modem ICS Host
With almost every release of Windows, several new background services join the multitude of services and tasks that constitute most of the user-mode parts of the operating system. Background services in Windows perform various types of activity, ranging from critical services such as the remote procedure call (RPC) or Audio services through less critical services that are often turned off by default, such as the Font Cache service. Other functionality is offloaded to background tasks, such as disk defragmentation and power efficiency diagnostics. All in all, the microkernel design of Windows requires significant functionality to reside in background services and tasks.
Update installation The service pack executable is started locally, across the network, or through Microsoft Update. Integrated installation Also called slipstreaming, this installation is one in which the service pack is applied to the installation files on a distribution server by using the s switch, integrating the installation files and the service pack into a single set of updated installation files. You can then perform new installations that include the service pack by using the integrated distribution point. This eliminates the need to apply the service pack after the installation. However, you cannot uninstall the service pack if it is applied using this method.
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