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_roles = new string[roles.Length];
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The AssemblyAlgorithmId attribute is used to specify which hash algorithm to use when reading file hashes in the assembly manifest, as shown in this example:
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Have a working knowledge of the Windows XP operating system Have a basic understanding of using Microsoft Internet Explorer 6
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private void PrintSensorProperties(Sensor sensor) { PropertyKey[] SensorsPropertiesKeys = { SensorPropertyKeys.SENSOR_PROPERTY_MANUFACTURER, SensorPropertyKeys.SENSOR_PROPERTY_SERIAL_NUMBER, SensorPropertyKeys.SENSOR_PROPERTY_DESCRIPTION, SensorPropertyKeys.SENSOR_PROPERTY_FRIENDLY_NAME, SensorPropertyKeys.SENSOR_PROPERTY_MODEL, SensorPropertyKeys.SENSOR_PROPERTY_MIN_REPORT_INTERVAL, SensorPropertyKeys.SENSOR_PROPERTY_CURRENT_REPORT_INTERVAL }; IDictionary<PropertyKey, object> SensorsProperties = sensor.GetProperties(SensorsPropertiesKeys); for (int currentProperty = 0; currentProperty < SensorsProperties.Count; currentProperty++ ) { Debug.WriteLine( SensorsProperties.Keys.ElementAt(currentProperty).PropertyId.ToString() + " = " + SensorsProperties.Values.ElementAt(currentProperty).ToString()
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Maintaining the Operating System
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Providing user access to e-mail from anywhere has become an important service for many organizations. Many of these organizations have chosen to use Web-based clients to give remote users access to their Exchange Server mailboxes. One of the most popular ways to provide access to e-mail on Exchange Server computers for users outside the internal network is to deploy an Outlook Web Access (OWA) server that is accessible from the Internet. With OWA, users can access their mailboxes on an Exchange server from any computer with an Internet connection and a Web browser. In addition, Exchange Server 2003 also enables access to mailboxes for wireless mobile clients, including Outlook Mobile Access (OMA) and Microsoft ActiveSync clients. This lesson describes how to use ISA Server to secure Web client connections.
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Most memory used by the CLR comes from outside the SQL Server buffer pool. If the system runs low on memory, SQL Server aborts the CLR routine and memory is freed. Although this protects the server, it reduces whatever functionality the CLR routines were designed to implement, and you need to troubleshoot the situation to discover which routines are using excessive memory. To do this, you can monitor the garbage collection (GC) to identify the routines that the SQL Server service aborted. You should monitor the .NET CLR Memory object. Following is a list of the counters you need to check: data matrix barcode
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Requirements for Sharing a Folder
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In Visual Studio, create a new Windows Forms application. 1. From the Toolbox, drag a Label control and a ListBox control onto the form. 2. In the Properties window, set the Label1.Text property to Mouse Here! 3. Select Label1. In the Properties window, generate default event handlers for Click, DoubleClick, MouseClick, MouseDoubleClick, MouseDown, MouseEnter, MouseHover, MouseLeave, MouseMove, and MouseUp. 4. In the Code Editor, add code to each of the default event handlers as shown in the Table 4-13.
One of the primary reasons that application installations fail is that the application is incompatible with the operating system. You should always verify compatibility before installing software. You should also make sure that the system on which you are going to install software meets that software s minimum system requirements. If you need to install older programs that were not written for earlier versions of Windows, Windows XP includes an application compatibility feature that allows programs to run in their native environments.
Windows 2000 Mixed This is the default functional level. It assumes that domain controllers in the domain may be running Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, or Windows 2003. It also offers the least functional feature set. Windows 2000 Native This functional level assumes that domain controllers may be running Windows 2000 or Windows 2003 within the domain. Aside from the Windows Server 2003 functional level, this level offers the most functionality. Windows Server 2003 Interim This functional level assumes that domain controllers will be running both Windows 2003 and Windows NT 4.0. As its name indicates, this level is intended for use during the process of upgrading a network from Windows NT 4.0 to Windows 2003 Server. Windows Server 2003 This is the highest functional level for a domain. It assumes all domain controllers in the domain are running Windows Server 2003 and offers the highest feature set.
DNS Resource Records
Figure 6-9
13. After the export completes, click OK. 14. Click Internal and then click Edit Selected Network. On the Addresses tab, remove all Address ranges. Click OK. 15. Click Apply to apply the changes and click OK when the changes have been applied. Check the Internal network properties to ensure that the addresses have been deleted. 16. Click Networks and on the Tasks tab, click Import Networks. 17. Select Networks Export.xml and click Import. Click OK to acknowledge the successful import. 18. Click Apply to apply the changes and click OK when the changes have been applied. 19. Confirm that all of the Address ranges have been restored to the Internal network. Close all open windows and log off the Remote Desktop connection.
Offsite Backups
2. Create a new console application in Microsoft Visual C# 2005 or Microsoft Visual Basic 2005. Visual Basic 2005 creates a module for you, along with an empty Main procedure. Visual C# creates a Program.cs class for you with an empty Main procedure. 3. Use the using statement if you are using C# or the Imports statement if you re using Visual Basic on the System and System.Diagnostics namespace so that you will not be required to qualify declarations from these namespaces later in your code. 4. Within the Main.cs or Module1.vb class/module, add the following code:
else if (args[0] == "S1")
Table 9-3 RPC over HTTP Requirements
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