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Implementing Security at Design Time
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Backing up to a RAID
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' VB Private _possibleValues As New ArrayList() Public Property PossibleValues() As String() Get Return CType(_possibleValues.ToArray(GetType(String)), String()) End Get Set(ByVal value As String()) _possibleValues = New ArrayList(value) End Set End Property // C# private ArrayList possibleValues = new ArrayList(); public string[] PossibleValues { get { return (string[])possibleValues.ToArray(typeof(string)); } set {
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Microsoft .NET Framework Microsoft .NET Framework is a platform for building, deploying, and running Web services and applications. shortcut key A key combination associated with a macro for the purpose of running the macro. Common shortcut keys include CTRL+A, SHIFT+Z, and CTRL+V. Visual Basic A programming language used for websites and applications. Macros created in Excel, Word, and other Office programs can be edited with the Visual Basic Editor, included with the applications.
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1. Log on to Windows XP using an account with administrator privileges. 2. From the Start menu, select My Documents. 3. In My Documents, from the File menu, point to New and select Folder. 4. Type Documents For Administrators for the name of the folder and press ENTER. 5. Right-click the new folder and select Sharing And Security. 6. In the Documents For Administrators Properties dialog box, on the Sharing tab, select Share This Folder. Click Permissions. 7. In the Permissions For Documents For Administrators dialog box, ensure that Everyone is selected in the Group Or User Names window. Click Remove and then click Add.
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An activity is defined at design time and denotes a logical unit of work. Emitted traces with the same activity identifier are directly related; they are part of the same activity. Because an activity can cross endpoint boundaries (for instance, a request), two scopes for an activity are defined.
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2. In the Task pane, click Configure Alert Definitions. 3. Select the Alert Definition you want to configure, and then click Edit. 4. Click the Actions tab, shown in Figure 11-7. The options on the Actions tab are described in Table 11-5.
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ISA Server 2004 VPN Deployment Kit techinfo/productdoc/2004.asp Excluding Specific Addresses from VPN Source Networks in ISA Server 2004 http:// fromvpn. mspx
6. 7.
The top right-hand part of the console displays the currently active volumes on the server. The bottom right-hand part of the console displays the active and inactive disk drives that are connected to the server. Although some exam questions might mention lengthening disk queue counters and log entries, Disk Management provides a simple and quick way of determining if there is a problem with the disk or volume on your SQL Server 2005 computer.
Case Scenario: Designing an Authentication Method and Assigning Privileges
A. Correct: This is correct because you want to generate a list of people who have
Designing a WINS Structure
Tell Me Where I Am: Location-Aware Applications
Implement storage design in a cube. Deploy SSAS databases and objects. Implement processing options.
The next time a user After deployment of the GPO, the software logs on. is available for installation: Typically, the user installs the software from: The Control Panel Add Or Remove Programs (Windows XP) or Programs And Features (Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista) applications.
Configuring Windows XP for Perfromance
You will use Device Manager to check for resource conflicts. A yellow exclamation point indi cates a problem with a device. A red X indicates that the device is disabled. A blue lowercase i indicates that the device has been manually configured.
Explain the purpose of disk duplication. Extract the System Preparation Tool that is used to prepare a disk image for duplication. Prepare a computer for the creation of a master image by using the System Preparation
Further Customizing Menus, Toolbars, and Their Commands
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