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The Security tab is available only when the DNS server is also a domain controller. This tab allows you to control which users are granted permissions to view, configure, and modify the DNS server and its zones. By clicking the Advanced button, you can further refine settings related to DNS server permissions. Figure 5-11 shows the Security tab.
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Computer accounts are security principals in Active Directory just as are User and Group accounts. Computer accounts, at creation, are assigned a security identifier (SID), relative identifier (RID), and globally unique identifier (GUID). The RID is supplied by a domain controller in Active Directory from a pool of RIDs distributed by the single domain controller that has been assigned the role of the RID Master. If the RID Master role is unavailable for an extended time, RID pools can be exhausted, making the creation of computer accounts in the domain impossible. Computer accounts also have a password that is synchronized, internally, with Active Directory. If these passwords become unsynchronized, the administrator will need to reset them.
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Certificates are used for public key cryptography, which is an important security element in Windows Server 2003 networks. Certificates and public key cryptography are used in many Windows features, such as the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), the Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) protocol (which encrypts IP communications), smart cards, and the Encrypting File System (EFS, which secures files on a network). The certificate infrastruc ture supported in Windows Server 2003 networks integrates with the Public Key Infra structure (PKI) system: a system of digital certificates, certification authorities, and other registration authorities that authenticate each party involved in an electronic transaction.
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What will the output of the application now be Why 3. The developer makes a couple more changes to the assembly CAS declarations as follows:
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These two interfaces form two groups of TCP/IP-enabled applications: WinSock appli cations and NetBIOS applications. Aside from some Windows functions and Microsoft programs, though, most applications use WinSock. A number of familiar TCP/IP appli cations run in the application layer, including:
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Events and Data Columns
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Lesson 1
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The evaluation edition software that is provided with this book is not the full retail product and is provided only for the purposes of training and evaluation. Microsoft Technical Support does not support evaluation editions.
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Lesson 3
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Correct Answers: D A. Incorrect: Although you can use Windows Explorer to manually encrypt files and folders, it is a graphical tool that cannot be easily incorporated into a script. B. Incorrect: Efsinfo (EFSINFO.EXE) is a command-line tool that displays information about encrypted files and folders you cannot use it to encrypt or decrypt files or folders. C. Incorrect: Syskey (SYSKEY.EXE) is the graphical Startup Key tool for encrypting sensitive operating system files it cannot be used to encrypt user s data files. D. Correct: Cipher (CIPHER.EXE) is a command-line tool for creating file encryption keys, viewing encryption settings, encrypting files and folders, and decrypting files and folders. It is the best tool to use in a script for encrypting files and folders.
You have a customer who uses Outlook Express. When the customer views a message in the Preview pane for more than a few seconds, the message is marked as read. The customer would like for messages not to be marked as read automatically. What should you tell the customer A. Use the Layout command on the View menu, and clear the Mark Message Read After Displaying For ____ check box. B. Use the Read tab of the Options dialog box to clear the Mark Message Read After Displaying For ____ check box. C. Use the Compose tab of the Options dialog box to clear the Mark Message Read After Displaying For ____ check box. D. Use the General tab of the Options dialog box to clear the Mark Message Read After Displaying For ____ check box.
/Application/Application.Views/Ribbon/Ribbon.ApplicationMenu/ApplicationMenu: Undefined Command on element. MinimalRibbon.xml : warning SC2001 at /Application/Application.Views/Ribbon/Ribbon.Tabs/Tab: Undefined Command on element. Header file generation successful: '(null)'. Ribbon markup file validation successful: 'MinimalRibbon.xml'. Ribbon resource file generation successful: 'MinimalRibbon.rc'.
Few, if any, aspects of network design and implementation have received more attention in the past few years or seen more development than network security. The danger of external attacks from the Internet is highly publicized, and you have probably heard of such attacks as Denial of Service, Distributed Denial of Service, and Redistribution. Sophisticated hacker tools are, unfortunately, readily available on the Internet, and as the tools get more user-friendly, the attackers become more numerous. Hacking is no longer a game for the highly knowledgeable prankster. The new tools have spawned a new breed of attacker who is less knowledgeable and a lot more destructive. Internal attacks get much less publicity. Few organizations are willing to admit that their intranets have been hacked by malicious insiders. Yet such attacks are, possibly, more common and more damaging than external attacks. They are also much more dif ficult to guard against. Network security tools represent one of the fastest growing areas in the networking industry. Some remarkable tools are available. The levels of encryption currently used would have been almost unimaginable even five years ago, and the development of such protocols as Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) ensure that communications can be secured all the way from the source to the ultimate destination. Kerberos is not a new authentication protocol, but it is a powerful one. Because it uses security certificates and timestamps, both ends of a connection can be authenticated, and there can be a good level of confidence that nobody is interfering in the middle. A few configuration parameters exist in Kerberos, but these are seldom changed from their default values, and this examination does not test Kerberos configuration. You can configure many parameters in a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Active Direc tory environment, or indeed on a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 stand-alone server. You can set up security groups and configure access control lists (ACLs) to protect your resources. You can determine the level of privilege of ordinary authenticated users, of various levels of administrators, and of anonymous users. You can determine how software is installed and updated, and how security updates are implemented. You can set up auditing and determine who is doing what on your network.
Troubleshoot connectivity to the Internet.
users can find about a dozen troubleshooters aimed at fixing common problems and making specific tasks easier. Here are just a few that you ll see: Application compatibility troubleshooter, aptly named Run programs made for previous versions of Windows Audio playback and recording troubleshooters Printer configuration troubleshooter Shared folders and files troubleshooter
DECLARE crsrProducts CURSOR FOR SELECT * FROM Production.Product
The evaluation edition software that is included with this book should not be used on a primary work computer. For online support information relating to the full version of Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003 and Microsoft Windows XP Professional Edition SP2 that might also apply to the evaluation edition, visit http://support.microsoft.com/.
Configuring Windows XP Professional
start /wait D:\setup.exe /qn INSTANCENAME=<MSSQLSERVER> REINSTALL=SQL_Engine REBUILDDATABASE=1 SAPWD=<NewStrongPassword>
Quick check answers
2. How do you access the original value in the CustomerId column A. OriginalValue = DataRow( CustomerID ).DataRowVersion.Original B. OriginalValue = DataColumn( CustomerID ).Original C. OriginalValue = DataRow( CustomerID , DataRowVersion.Original) D. OriginalValue = DataRow( CustomerID ) 3. What DataTable event would you handle to validate for an acceptable value in a column (Choose all that apply.) A. ColumnChanged B. ColumnChanging C. RowChanged D. RowChanging
create a custom property for room mailboxes called NetworkProjector. You can add this property to all rooms that have a network projector. This allows users to identify lecture or conference rooms that have network projectors available. However, before you do this, you need to expand the resource schema by using an Exchange Management Shell command. For example, to add a resource called NetworkProjector to the schema, you would use the following command:
Lesson 3: HTTP Endpoints
The Format Attributes
Description Retrieves or sets a counter s friendly description Retrieves or sets a counter s name Retrieves or sets a counter s PerformanceCounterType
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