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needed the Microsoft Enrollment Service, but with AD RMS, servers can self-enroll through a self-enrollment certificate. publishing license Licenses that are assigned to content when authorized users protect content. This license determines which rights are assigned to the document. When the document is opened by another authorized user, a use license is provided by the server and is permanently embedded into the content. root cluster A root cluster that is automatically created with each AD RMS installation. The cluster provides high availability for the AD RMS service as soon as a second server is installed. Only one root cluster can be installed per AD DS forest, but you can also create licensing-only clusters to support AD RMS operations.
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figure 1-30 The initial data flow for this exercise contains two OLE DB Source adapters and two
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' VB Public New If Application.Online GetCache() If Cache.Expired New Thread.execute (call ContactService) Cache.Expire Thread.wait for completion Else GetCache(me) End Else GetCache(me) End Me.Name = set all properties End // C# public Contact() { If Application.Online { GetCache() If Cache.Expired New Thread.execute (call ContactService) Cache.Exipre Thread.wait for completion } else { GetCache(me) } else { GetCache(me) } Me.Name = set all properties }
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tion of file ownership.
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Deploying and Configuring SSIS Packages
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Tony Northrup Years ago, I used to recommend that everyone install IIS, enable the SMTP service on the computer that would be running their application, and send messages through the local SMTP server. This process is much more efficient than using a remote SMTP server because the local IIS SMTP server will directly contact each recipient s SMTP servers to send the message. Additionally, you don t have to deal with network connections. However, this approach became unreliable as organizations battled against spam. Organizations now block incoming messages from large blocks of IP addresses. Even if you are not a spammer, messages sent from a local SMTP server might be rejected if your IP address appears on one of these lists. To make it more complicated, you might be able to send messages to most domains but be rejected by others. Ultimately, the job of managing SMTP servers is now too complex to have every user running their own mail server. As a result, I now recommend people use their ISP s or their organization s mail server for outgoing messages.
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Domain Controllers
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As with regular ASP.NET applications, Web services also have access to a configuration file, such as Web.config. This XML-based file allows you to control the configuration of your Web service using the webServices element.
To complete the practices in this chapter, you must have created a domain controller named SERVER01 in a domain named and a member server, with a full installation, joined to the domain named SERVER02. See 1, Installation, for detailed steps for this task.
Enable the Allow Automatic Updates Immediate Installation policy. Enable the Enabling Windows Update Power Management To Automatically Wake Up The System To Install Scheduled Updates policy. Enable the No Auto-Restart With Logged On Users For Scheduled Automatic Updates Installations policy. Edit and enable the Specify Intranet Microsoft Update Service Location policy. Set the policy as shown in Figure 8-13.
CREATE TABLE dbo.CustomerAddress
Lesson Review
To further practice and reinforce the skills you learned in this chapter, you can perform the following tasks:
Software Requirements
She should first make sure that the long document has not started printing. She should then open the Properties dialog box for her document and assign it a higher priority than the long document. She should then resume the printer.
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