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address format are listed in the table. Settings related to, for example, out-of-office settings and spam are discussed in 6, Configuring Exchange Infrastructure.
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1.40 * ([Date].[Calendar].PrevMember, [Measures].[Reseller Sales Amount])
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Business Rule Validation
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An empty MMC is shown in Figure 2-1. Note that the console has a name, and that there is a Console Root. It is this Console Root that will contain any snap-ins that you choose to include.
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Monitor File and Print Servers
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Tag name such as an element or attribute name. Node value. Node type, such as an element node, attribute node, or text node. Document order information, represented by an internal node identifier. Path from each node to the root of the XML tree. This column is searched for path expressions in the query. Primary key of the base table. The primary key of the base table is duplicated in the primary XML index for back join with the base table, and the maximum number of columns in the primary key of the base table is limited to 15.
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<Assembly: FileIOPermissionAttribute(SecurityAction.RequestOptional,
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The last method of deploying registry settings I discuss in this chapter is creating Windows Installer package files. You've undoubtedly encountered package files by now. Microsoft Office 2000 and Office XP both ship as package files, which are databases of files and settings that Windows Installer installs on the computer. Creating a package file for a large application is an intense process, but creating package files that contain registry settings is straightforward. To create a package file, you need an editor. One of the most popular package editors is VERITAS WinINSTALL, and you can learn more about this enterprise class tool at If you don't want to fork over the cash necessary to purchase a full version of WinINSTALL, you can get a free version if you still have your Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional CD lying around. Look in the 219
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In this exercise, you instantiate spatial data as a polygon and use the Spatial Results tab to view the polygon that you created.
Table 11-1 Databases within Margie s Travel
Figure 6-2
chapter 6
Lesson 2: Configuring Windows Firewall . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10-9
Figure 15-21 Correlating a System Monitor counter log with a Profiler trace
Configure remote access addressing Configure a dial-up remote access server Configure a dial-up remote access client Configure Routing And Remote Access user authentication Configure remote access authentication protocols
2. Match the interface problem on the left with the solution on the right.
Figure 14-30: Selecting the previous version of a folder that contains the file you want to restore 11. As shown in Figure 14-31, the previous version of the file that you want to restore should be in the previous version of the folder. Right-click the file and copy it.
1. Correct Answers: A and B A. Correct: Because the MSSQLSERVER service currently logs on as Local Sys tem, you need to change the service s login behavior so that the service logs on within the context of the new domain user account you have created. B. Correct: The best way to assign a SQL Server service account the minimum rights and permissions necessary for its associated service is to add that ser vice account to the built-in Windows group account created specifically for the service. The Windows group account with the minimum rights and per missions for MSSQLSERVER is called SQLServer2005MSSQLUser$InstanceName. C. Incorrect: You do not need to assign to the service account all the neces sary rights and permissions required to run the service. You need to add only the service account to the appropriate built-in Windows group. D. Incorrect: You do not need to assign any rights and permissions to the SQLServer2005MSSQLUser$InstanceName Windows group account. This account is already preconfigured with all the necessary rights and permis sions. 2. Correct Answer: D A. Incorrect: Denying the write permission does not change the real-time scanning behavior.
Correct Answers: D
You want to ensure that all the ISA Server 2004 Enterprise Edition computers in the Contoso array use a domain controller at IP address only for authentication, rather than the default settings. The internal network is currently defined as through The Contoso internal network has domain controllers at IP addresses,,, and Assuming that installation default settings apply, which of the following changes must you make to the system policy (Select two; each selection forms a part of the answer.) A. In the To box of the Authentication node located under the Active Directory node of the System Policy, remove the Internal Network. B. Remove IP addresses,,, and from the Remote Management Computers group. C. In the To box of the Authentication node located under the Active Directory node of the System Policy, click Add. In the Network Entities dialog box, select New Computer and then enter a computer name and IP address Add this newly named computer to the list in the To box. D. In the Exceptions dialog box on the To box of the Authentication node located under the Active Directory node of the System Policy, click Add and enter the IP addresses:,,, and
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