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B is the correct answer. A and D are not correct because the File Signature Verification Utility (sigverif.exe) scans a computer for unsigned files. C is not correct because the System File Checker scans a computer for Windows files that have been modified since the installation of Windows.
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Lesson 2 of this chapter describes the use of data gathering tools such as Event Viewer to monitor system performance. The discussion in this lesson covers monitoring message traff ic and queue thresholds.
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Figure 11-23 shows the relevant spreadsheet information sorted by descending order of item count.
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MsgBox("Run Cancelled")
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Understanding Readers and Writers
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SoapReceivers.Add(demoEndPoint, GetType(DemoSoapReceivers.DemoReceiver))
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After this lesson, you will be able to: Create the client endpoint either declaratively or imperatively. Modify the details of the binding through behaviors. Change how the client behaves, with respect to both requests and callbacks. Estimated lesson time: 50 minutes
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Most administrators first experience Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) by opening Active Directory Users And Computers and creating user, computer, or group objects within the organizational units (OUs) of a domain. Such tasks are fundamental to the job requirements of an IT professional in an Active Directory environment, so now that you have created a domain in 1, Installation, you can address the tools, tips, and best practices regarding the creation of these objects. Later chapters will explore each of these object classes in detail. In this chapter, you will also look at two important, higher-level concerns within an enterprise: how to locate objects in the directory and how to ensure that Active Directory is secure while enabling support personnel to perform the tasks required of their roles.
Figure 11-3
Lesson 3: Creating a Customized PrintPreview Component
Scheduling Server Reboots
Lesson Review
Console.WriteLine( Signature NOT verified )
// Construct a parameterized SQL query to retrieve the first row from
1. Correct Answers: A, B, and D A. Correct: A Web reference is the first step to consuming a Web service. B. Correct: An instance of the object must be declared and instantiated before its methods can be called. C. Incorrect: Calling the method directly calls the method synchronously. D. Correct: Calling <MethodName>async is necessary to call the asynchronous methods. 2. Correct Answers: A, B, and C A. Correct: If there is a return type of the synchronous method, then the sig nature will definitely differ. At a minimum, the names will be different. B. Correct: The whole purpose of using asynchronous calls is to allow other processing to occur while the Web method is processing. C. Correct: The Completed event must be trapped to determine that the method has finished. D. Incorrect: In most material respects, the two methods are notably different.
Summary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9-41
Even with network connectivity confirmed, users still might be unable to access the net-work resources they need. In nearly all cases, users must authenticate themselves to confirm their identities before they can gain significant access to network resources. After the authentication, the system must authorize the users, to provide them with a specific degree of access to selected resources. If either one of these two processes fails, users cannot access the network.
SELECT name, is_not_trusted FROM sys.foreign_keys WHERE name = 'FKOrdersCustomers';
In this exercise, you will create a GPO with a restricted groups policy setting that ensures that the Help Desk group is a member of the Administrators group on all client systems. 1. In the Group Policy Management console, expand Forest\Domains\ Select the Group Policy Objects container. 2. Right-click the Group Policy Objects container and choose New. 3. In the Name box, type Corporate Help Desk and click OK. 4. Right-click the GPO and choose Edit. 5. In Group Policy Management Editor, navigate to Computer Configuration\Policies \Windows Settings\Security Settings\Restricted Groups. 6. Right-click Restricted Groups and choose Add Group. 7. Click the Browse button and, in the Select Groups dialog box, type CONTOSO\Help Desk and click OK. 8. Click OK to close the Add Group dialog box. 9. Click the Add button next to the This Group Is A Member Of section. 10. Type Administrators and click OK. The group policy setting Properties should look like the left side of Figure 7-2. 11. Click OK again to close the Properties dialog box. 12. Close Group Policy Management Editor. 13. In the Group Policy Management console, right-click the Clients OU and choose Link An Existing GPO. 14. Select the Corporate Help Desk GPO and click OK. Exercise 2 Delegate the Administration of a Subset of Clients in the Domain In this exercise, you will create a GPO with a restricted groups policy setting that adds the NYC Support group to the Administrators group on all client systems in the NYC OU. 1. In the Group Policy Management console, expand Forest\Domains\ Select the Group Policy Objects container. 2. Right-click the Group Policy Objects container and choose New. 3. In the Name box, type New York Support and click OK. 4. Right-click the GPO and choose Edit. 5. Repeat steps 5 12 of Exercise 1, Delegate the Administration of All Clients in the Domain, except type CONTOSO\NYC Support as the group name in step 7.
13. Click Next. 14. Review the summary and click Finish. The New Object User interface enables you to configure a limited number of accountrelated properties such as name and password settings. However, a user object in Active Directory supports dozens of additional properties. These can be configured after the object has been created. 15. Right-click the user object you created and choose Properties. 16. Configure user properties. Be certain to follow the naming conventions and other standards of your organization. You will learn more about many of the user properties in 3 and 8, Authentication. 17. Click OK.
Lesson 2: Optimizing Index Strategies
MOUNTING A SYSTEM IMAGE IN MICROSOFT WINDOWS VIRTUAL PC You can also mount a system image created by System Image backup in Windows Virtual PC, which is included when you install Windows XP Mode. MORE INFO: VIRTUAL PC AND WINDOWS XP MODE For more information about Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode, access and follow the links.
Visual Studio 2005 provides user interface tools that allow you to create settings quickly and easily. You can use the Settings editor (shown in Figure 12-2) to create and edit new settings.
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