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Performance-related information To prepare for future modifications to the ISA Server infrastructure, regularly collect information about ISA Server performance. As a best practice, collect information about the performance to establish a baseline and then regularly collect the same types of information to determine how the performance on ISA Server is changing. Usage information Regularly collect usage reports. This is useful for future planning and to monitor the current activity on the server. Security-related information Collect information about security-related events. This information allows you to develop a baseline of the normal security events, which makes it easier to detect an anomaly to that regular pattern. This information may also be useful to track the progress of a successful attack so that you can prevent such an attack in the future.
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1. The customer needs to set up ICS on the computer that connects to his modem. He needs to ensure that the other computers on his network obtain their TCP/IP configuration automatically. When he has configured ICS on the first computer, he should reboot the other two. 2. The customer found the WAP setup easy because she accepted all the defaults and did not set up any security. She needs to change her SSID from its default value, configure encryption, and set up a passphrase. She should also change the access password on her WAP s web interface. She should consider restricting access by MAC address. 3. The customer needs to create a standard account for his deputy on his personal workstation and configure permissions on his shares so that his deputy has the Reader role.
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based interface to help users select an appropriate compatibility mode.
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Why This Matters
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Troubleshooting Lab 19-25
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Figure 5-28 Configure synchronization settings.
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Implementing RAID
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' VB ' Assumes a node called aNode
The following sample forces the same limitations as the sample code that used declarative CAS demands, but it limits the permissions imperatively:
network address translation (NAT) An Internet Protocol (IP) translation process that allows a network with private addresses to access information on the Internet. network load balancing (NLB) A Microsoft Windows network component that is used to create a cluster of computers that can be addressed by a single cluster Internet Protocol (IP) address. NLB provides load balancing and high availability for IP-based services. network rule Defines how network packets will be passed between networks. Network rules determine whether there is a relationship between two network entities and what type of relationship is defined. network template A set of Microsoft ISA Server configuration options that define networks and network sets, network rules, access rule elements, and access rules. NLB See network load balancing (NLB).
instance types (or spatial data objects)
<Rectangle Width="100" Height="100" Fill="Red"></Rectangle>
When adding new controls to a TableLayoutPanel at run time, you can use either of two overloads of the TableLayoutPanel.Controls.Add method. The first is the standard Add method, as follows:
DML Triggers
Case Scenario 2: Creating a Simple Game. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 620
A network goes at the speed of its slowest component.
Creating a Primary XML Index
Role Principal Mirror Witness
An event class is a type of event that can be traced. The event class contains all the data that can be reported by an event. Examples of event classes are SQL:BatchCompleted, Audit Login, Audit Logout, Lock:Acquired, and Lock:Released.
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