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In this practice, you will see how to create KPIs, actions, translations, and perspectives to help Adventures Works employees track reseller performance, drill through data, view cube information in Spanish, and see only the data they need to see.
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myOverrides.Add(typeof(Vendor), "AccountNumber", myAttributes);
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Tier Structure
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Lesson 1: Configuring Package Transactions and Checkpoints
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The next protocol in the frame, Server Message Block (SMB), traditionally runs on NetBIOS and allows files and folders to be shared over a Microsoft network. (Although this protocol has been extended and officially renamed Common Internet File System [CIFS], it is still recognized in Network Monitor as SMB.) Finally, the last protocol in the frame is referred to as Browser. It represents the Computer Browser service, which runs on top of SMB and allows users to browse network elements in Windows. qr code reader
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Specifying the storage group
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Transactional replication begins with an initial snapshot being applied to the sub scriber to ensure that the two databases are synchronized. As subsequent transactions are issued against the publisher, the replication engine applies them to the subscriber. The incremental transaction flow from publisher to subscriber makes transactional replication a good choice for maintaining a secondary copy of a database for availabil ity or to offload reporting operations. The most common configuration for transac tional replication is in a server-to-server environment. You can configure transactional replication with two optional modes Immediate Updating Subscriber and Queued Updating Subscriber that enable transactions to be issued against a subscriber. In addition to sending transactions from a publisher to a subscriber, transactional replication can be deployed in two alternate architectures: bidirectional transactional replication and peer-to-peer transactional replication.
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Displays the permission sets for the specified policy level or
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Lesson 4: Creating Zone Delegations
Public Sub New() Me._name = String.Empty Me._isAuthenticated = False Me._authenticationType = "None" Me._firstName = String.Empty Me._lastName = String.Empty Me._address = String.Empty Me._city = String.Empty Me._state = String.Empty Me._zip = String.Empty End Sub Public Sub New(ByVal isLogin As Boolean, _ ByVal newAuthenticationType As String, _ ByVal newFirstName As String, ByVal newLastName As String, _ ByVal newAddress As String, _ ByVal newCity As String, ByVal newState As String, _ ByVal newZip As String) Me._name = newFirstName + newLastName Me._isAuthenticated = isLogin Me._authenticationType = newAuthenticationType Me._firstName = newFirstName Me._lastName = newLastName Me._address = newAddress Me._city = newCity Me._state = newState Me._zip = newZip End Sub Public ReadOnly Property IsAuthenticated() As Boolean _ Implements IIdentity.IsAuthenticated Get Return Me._isAuthenticated End Get End Property Public ReadOnly Property Name() As String Implements IIdentity.Name Get Return Me._name End Get End Property Public ReadOnly Property AuthenticationType() As String _ Implements IIdentity.AuthenticationType
See Also Microsoft makes the tools for creating boot floppy disks for Windows XP Professional Edition and Windows XP Home Edition available for download. Visit http:// and search by using the keywords Windows XP boot floppy to locate these utilities.
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Before you can work with an image by using DISM.exe, you must mount it to a folder.
Case Scenario Exercises
tabLe 1-1 Common Tasks in SSIS
To learn more about creating custom XML files, consult the following document on TechNet:
After this lesson, you will be able to
You have checked settings on the server and confirmed the following:
Lesson 1: Preparing and Creating Data Mining Structures
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