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Why does the assembly now have IsolatedStorageFilePermission The assembly is currently running in both the Local_Shared_Folder code group and the Internet_Same_Site_Access code group. The permissions in the GenerousPermissions permission set have been added to the previously existing permissions.
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This book has two parts. Use Part 1 to learn at your own pace and to practice what you ve learned with practical exercises. Part 2 contains questions and answers you can use to test yourself on what you ve learned.
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Exam Tip Always find out the manufacturer and model of a computer first. Some manufac turers change default Windows settings, include modified help files, and install custom diag nostics software. Often you can take advantage of these inclusions. At a minimum, you should be aware of their presence when proposing solutions.
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What Directory Services Bring to the Table
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Public Folders May Not Be Necessary in Exchange Server 2007
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Media tab of the Backup Utility.
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Lesson 3: Advanced Backup and Restore . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7-20
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1. From Computer1, log on to Domain1 as Administrator. 2. At a command prompt, type the following command: dnscmd computer2 /recordadd sub.domain1.local @ ns computer1.domain1.local. This command adds Computer1 to the Name Servers tab in the Sub.domain1.local Properties dialog box in the DNS console on Computer2. 3. Open the DNS console, right-click the Forward Lookup Zones node, and select New Zone. The New Zone Wizard launches. 4. Click Next. The Zone Type page appears. 5. Select Stub Zone, clear the Store The Zone In Active Directory check box, and click Next. The Zone Name page appears. 6. In the Zone Name text box, type sub.domain1.local, and then click Next. The Zone File page appears. 7. Click Next to accept the default selection, Create A New File With This File Name. The Master DNS Servers page appears.
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If a computer running SQL Server 2005 is infected by a virus or worm, you can take certain steps to minimize downtime and recover from the infection. The following guidelines will assist in recovering from an infection:
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A smart display is an additional monitor that connects wirelessly to a user s desktop PC and allows a user to access his or her computer running Windows XP Professional (not Windows XP Home Edition) from anywhere in the home or office as long as the user is within a specified distance (usually about 100 feet). The smart display remotely dis plays the computer desktop, and the user can work while sitting on the couch, on the back porch, or from another office. This peripheral device allows a user to do any task remotely that can be done at the computer. Smart displays work by connecting to the computer by using an 802.11b wireless connection. The user uses a stylus to access the touch-sensitive screen and has available an on-screen keyboard. The smart display offers handwriting recognition and support for wireless mice and keyboards. Smart displays do not have an operating system installed; they simply provide remote access to a user s desktop computer.
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The practice tests on this book s companion CD offer many options. For example, you can test yourself on just one exam objective, or you can test yourself on all the 70-444 certification exam content. You can set up the test so that it closely simulates the experience of taking a certification exam, or you can set it up in study mode so that you can look at the correct answers and explanations after you answer each question.
4. Why should you bother to do this Is it worth it
Figure 2-5
You have been given an administrative task related to user accounts in the contoso.com Active Directory. You need to move all accounts in the East group located in the Sales OU into the newly created East Sales OU. Which procedure will accomplish this task A. Use Active Directory Users And Computers to move the East group to the East Sales OU.
Defining named Sets
Lesson 1: Creating a SQL Server Agent Job
Creating Windows Forms Controls
Exam Tip
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