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Page 17-19
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Create a SQL Server login. Place the login in various server and data base roles, one at a time, and connect to the server. Experiment with performing various administrative tasks to gain a better understanding of the privileges asso ciated with the various roles.
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2. Specify a query for it. 3. Call the Get method of the ManagementObjectSearcher (in the System.Management namespace). Here is an example:
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11 Review
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Another option for configuring authentication is to configure the internal Web server to require authentication. In this scenario, ISA Server allows anonymous access to the published server, but the server requests authentication. In this configuration, ISA Server uses pass-through authentication to complete the authentication. Pass-through authentication refers to the ability of ISA Server to pass a client s authentication information to the destination server. The following steps describe how pass-through authentication works in a Web publishing scenario: 1. The client sends a request for an object on a Web server protected by ISA Server. Because the publishing rule allows anonymous access, ISA Server does not prompt for authentication but passes the request to the Web server. 2. The Web server receives the request and responds that authentication is required. 3. ISA Server passes the authentication-required response to the client. 4. The client returns authentication information to ISA Server. 5. ISA Server passes the client authentication information to the Web server. 6. After successful authentication, the client communicates with the Web server. This option transfers all authentication activity to the internal server. This is a recommended solution when you have complex authentication requirements. For example, you may be publishing multiple Web sites with some allowing anonymous access, while others require authentication. In this scenario, it is easier to configure authentication on the internal Web server.
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18. Were you successful Why or why not
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Design views.
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9. 10.
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Figure 20-2
Connection Events
2. In the Task pane, double-click Web Access Only and examine the properties of the access rule. Click OK. The Web Access Only access rule allows HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP traffic from the Internal and VPN Clients network to the External network. 3. In the Task pane, double-click Allow DNS To The Internet and examine the properties of the access rule. Click OK. The Allow DNS To The Internet access rule allows DNS traffic from the Internal and VPN Clients network to the External network. 4. In the Task pane, double-click VPN Clients To Internal Network and examine the properties of the access rule. Click OK. The VPN Clients To Internal Network access rule allows all protocols from the VPN Clients network to the Internal network. 5. Click Networks. In the details pane, click Network Rules. 6. Double-click the Internet Access Network Rule and examine the properties of the access rule. Click OK. The Internet Access Network Rule defines a NAT relationship between the Internal, Quarantined VPN Clients and VPN Clients networks, and the External network.
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Firewall Logging Records all connections and connection attempts to the Firewall service. Web Proxy Logging Web proxy service. Records all connections and connection attempts to the Records SMTP Message Screener events and
Estimated lesson time: 40 minutes
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