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Sometimes an alert indicates a potentially serious condition that you need to urgently investigate. For example, if the network counter Bytes/Sec is returning a very low or zero value on a busy server on a busy network, you need to know about this immediately. An alert can send an administrative message and start a program that could, for example, activate a pager. Figure 9-12 earlier in this chapter shows the choice of alert actions. An alert can indicate equipment failure (for example, a faulty network card or hard disk), but it can also indicate stress on resources that are working but not coping with increased traffic. In an ideal world, you should detect this situation by regularly analyzing your baseline logs and detecting that the load on resources is increasing over time. However, in practice, an alert might be your first indication of overstressed resources.
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You can open and examine the default trace logs by using Profiler, or you can query them by using the Transact-SQL fn_trace_gettable system function. To obtain relevant data from a trace file, you can examine the Errors And Warnings event category and the Performance event category in Profiler. Run-time exceptions (errors and warnings) can occur in SQL Server 2005 if a query has an existing unsafe expression. You can prevent run-time exceptions by modifying the query to include conditional expressions such as NULLIF or CASE.
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After you select the option to set up the Extender, you are presented with the Extender Setup page, shown in Figure 10-4. At this point, it is necessary to configure the extender itself. On the Xbox 360 this involves navigating in the console to the Media section and then using your controller to select the Media Center item. The Xbox 360 then provides information on how to complete the setup. A check is performed on the network and then an eight-digit setup key is displayed on the device that the Xbox 360 is connected to. You need to make a note of this number and then enter it on the Windows Vista computer in the Extender Setup page. If the Media Center Extender device was not automatically detected, it might be necessary to reconfigure Windows Firewall settings. You also need to determine whether or not you want to have the computer running Windows Media Center use Away Mode. Away Mode is a high availability power setting that allows the Media Center Extender to connect at any time, even when the computer appears shut down. The benefit of this mode is that it allows you to wake the computer whenever you want to use the Media Center Extender to view digital content. The drawback of this mode is its increased power consumption because a certain level of functionality is required to wake the computer when it is contacted over the network. The final configuration step determines whether it is possible to view the folders that contain your media.
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10. Configure the Secretariat group with the Read (Allow) permission. Configure the Management group with the Change (Allow) permission, as shown in Figure 8-22. Click OK.
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A- 5
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Exploring RADIUS Proxy Scenarios . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10-72
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1. From the Printers And Faxes window, create a new printer. If you need guidance for how to create a printer, follow the steps in Lesson 1, Exercise 1. The printer should direct to the network IP address (note the port already exists). Configure the printer as an HP LaserJet 8100 Series PCL, and use PriorityPrinter as the printer name and the share name. All other properties, including location and comment, are the same as in Lesson 1, Exercise 1. 2. Open the properties of PriorityPrinter. 3. Click the Advanced tab. 4. Set the Priority to 99 (highest).
Processing text is one of the most common programming tasks. User input is typically in text format, and it might need to be validated, sanitized, and reformatted. Often, developers need to process text files generated from a legacy system to extract important data. These legacy systems often use nonstandard encoding techniques. Additionally, developers might need to output text files in specific formats to input data into a legacy system. This chapter describes how to use regular expressions to validate input, reformat text, and extract data. Additionally, this chapter describes different encoding types used by text files.
Property (Name) Arguments
Figure 11-7 Bidirectional transactional replication
Setting Disabled Disabled Blank Blank Disabled Disabled Selected
Resolving Issues Related to Application Customization (3.0)
Take a Practice Test
Configuring Firewall Policy (5.0)
There s a school of thought that says declarative security demands are less secure than imperative security demands because declarative demands can reveal to attackers too much about the code s design and potential vulnerabilities. It s true that declarative security demands are a bit easier for an attacker to analyze, but a sophisticated attacker could also examine imperative demands by using a tool that analyzes your assembly s Intermediate Language (IL) code. It s a bit harder for the attacker to analyze IL than to analyze the declarative security demands, but it wouldn t make much of a difference to an attacker who was sophisticated enough to make use of security demand information. Also, declarative demands are faster than imperative demands.
HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ Policies\Explorer\NoViewContextMenu
Basic authentication Basic authentication sends and receives user information as plaintext and does not use encryption. Basic authentication is the least secure authentication method that ISA Server supports. However, because basic authentication is part of the HTTP specification, most browsers support it. Digest authentication Digest authentication passes authentication credentials through a process called hashing. Hashing creates a string of characters based on the password but does not send the actual password across the network, ensuring that no one can capture a network packet containing the password and impersonate the user. Digest authentication currently works only in a domain in which all the domain controllers are running Microsoft Windows 2000 or Windows Server 2003 and client computers are running Internet Explorer 5 or later. Digest authentication also works only if the domain controller has a reversibly encrypted copy of the requesting user s password stored in Active Directory. This is not the default configuration, and so you must enable this. Storing a password in reversible encryption is significantly less secure than the Active Directory default, in which the password is stored in a one-way hash.
Maintaining a Network Infrastructure (5.0)
Lesson Summary
mirror failover The process whereby a mirror
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