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Lesson Summary. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 411
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Table 3-5
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Although the SortedList class is definitely a dictionary class, it shares some of its behavior with how simple lists work. This means that you can (and will probably) access items stored in the SortedList in order. For example, you use a SortedList to sort a simple list of items like so:
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Lesson 2
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This practice will provide code examples that demonstrate adding data to a table, deleting rows in a table, and editing existing values in a data row and how to view the RowState and DataRowVersion information for records in a DataTable. After modifying records, the AcceptChanges and RejectChanges methods will be demonstrated as well. 1. Create a Windows application and name it WorkingWithDataTables. 2. Add a DataGridView to the form and change its Name property to CustomersDataGridView. 3. Add a button to the form and set the following properties:
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SELECT 2 AS Tag ,1 AS Parent ,NULL AS "Customers!1!!element" ,c.CustomerID AS "Customer!2!Id" ,c.AccountNumber AS "Customer!2!AccountNumber" ,NULL AS "Order!3!Id" ,NULL AS "Order!3!OrderDate" FROM Sales.Customer AS c WHERE c.CustomerID IN (1,2) UNION ALL SELECT 3 AS Tag ,2 AS Parent ,NULL AS "Customers!1!!element" ,soh.CustomerID AS "Customer!2!Id" ,NULL AS "Customer!2!AccountNumber" ,soh.SalesOrderID AS "Order!3!Id" ,soh.OrderDate AS "Order!3!OrderDate" FROM Sales.SalesOrderHeader AS soh WHERE soh.CustomerID IN (1,2) ORDER BY "Customer!2!Id", Tag FOR XML EXPLICIT;
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Windows 2003 Domain Controller
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are domain members and one or more arrays that contain ISA Server computers that are in a workgroup.
Lesson 3: Troubleshooting SSIS Packages
A process by which high availability is achieved using separate storage devices attached to the same mailbox server. A policy, applied to users, that is used to manage a Windows Mobile device.
Designing the Physical Database
Body Chart Chart area Chart legend Image Line List (that is, Tablix) Matrix (that is, Tablix) Rectangle Subreport Subtotal Table (that is, Tablix) Text box Title
# ************************** File/Folder Sections ***************************** [IncludeFolderTrees] # List folder trees to be included into the OPS file. # Syntax is one folder per line; no trailing backslash. # Includes all subfolders in specified tree. # Wildcards are not supported. # Entries must begin with one of the following Folder tokens: # <AppData>, <Desktop>, <Favorites>, <NetHood>, <Personal>, # <PrintHood>, <ProgramsMenu>, <RecentFiles>, <SendTo>, # <StartMenu>, <StartupMenu>, <UserProfile>. # Subfolder tokens of format <SubFolder_$$$$> can be embedded in lines # and are replaced at SAVE time by the registry data found in the $$$$ # value of HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\10.0\Common\General. <AppData>\Microsoft\<SubFolder_AddIns> # xl word <AppData>\Microsoft\ClipGallery # ppt <AppData>\Microsoft\Excel # xl <AppData>\Microsoft\FrontPage # fp <AppData>\Microsoft\Graph # all <AppData>\Microsoft\Office # common <AppData>\Microsoft\Outlook # ol <AppData>\Microsoft\PowerPoint # ppt <AppData>\Microsoft\<SubFolder_Proof> # common all <AppData>\Microsoft\<SubFolder_Queries> # xl access <AppData>\Microsoft\<SubFolder_Signatures> # ol <AppData>\Microsoft\<SubFolder_Stationery> # ol <AppData>\Microsoft\<SubFolder_Templates> # word ppt xl <AppData>\Microsoft\<SubFolder_Themes> # ppt
For information about how to configure Automatic Updates by using Group Policy, refer to Microsoft Knowledge Base article 328010. This KB article also contains a white paper on software update services.
Using OUs to Limit Object Visibility
NewRow.CompanyName = "Wingtip Toys"; NewRow.ContactName = "Steve Lasker"; NewRow.ContactTitle = "CEO";
Lesson 2
Figure 9-10
Practice 3 Create a method to draw a bar graph that is similar in function to the
Table 16-3
Performance Counters
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