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Dim queue As MessageQueue
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Figure 7-1
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Extending XML Web Services with SOAP Formatting, Custom Headers, and Extensions
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Now, just to make the behavior here absolutely clear, note the following changes (in bold) to the previous code Main:
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Figure 10-20 shows the output from this command.
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Monitoring ISA Server Services
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By default, client computers and devices trust only certain issuing authorities. You can view such a list of trusted authorities by clicking Certificates in the Content tab of Internet Properties or Internet Options (depending on which version of Windows you are using) in Control Panel. Although in a managed environment it is possible to configure clients to trust the self-generated certificate created with the installation of the Client Access role, it may be cheaper to obtain an SSL certificate from an issuing authority that is already a trusted publisher than to configure a new trusted publisher for all clients that will access Exchange Server 2007 using SSL. Trusted SSL certificates do cost money, but it also costs your organization money to have you spending many hours configuring clients to accept a new certificate-issuing authority as trustworthy. The money saved on not buying a certificate is lost on paying you to configure devices to trust another certification authority (CA). To obtain an SSL certificate for a server, you have to provide identity details about the server, specifically the server s DNS name information. If you later decide to change the server s name, you will need to obtain a new SSL certificate that reflects this name change. You can generate a certificate request file by running the Web
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Database files and EFS
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See Figure 4-1 for some examples of how to determine the ARC path.
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Description A unique user logon name that is assigned by an administrator. To log on to a domain with the user name, the user must have an account that resides in the directory. The password that is assigned to the user account. Users must enter a password to prove their identity. Passwords are case sensitive. For security purposes, the password appears on the screen as asterisks (*). To prevent unauthorized access to resources and data, users must keep passwords secret. Allows the user to choose to log on to the local computer or to log on to the domain.
Tip You can use network templates to configure ISA Server, Enterprise Edition; however, you will configure the network template at the array level and the settings will be applied to all array members.
Show Dependencies
Event Log
Lesson 4: Deploying SSIS Packages
the location of a local WSUS server.
Lesson Summary
Opening a file is quite a common occurrence. In its most simple form, opening a file involves asking the File class to open a stream by specifying the path to the file. When opening a file to read its contents, you use the FileMode.Open enumeration member to specify an existing file, as well as FileAccess.Read to get read-only access to the file, as seen in this code example:
Rooslan is a consultant who has been approached by a medium-sized organization for his advice on the best way to optimize disk performance for three newly purchased Windows Server 2003 systems. There are three different systems in question, all with identical hardware. Each server has six 120 GB SCSI hard disk drives and no hardware RAID controller. Rooslan has been presented with the following specifications from the teams that will be using each Windows Server 2003 System. The team that will use the first server has one goal. The team would like a second large volume of approximately 600 GB that will contain all the data. The first volume of 120 GB should contain the operating system files and the program files. Speed and fault toler ance are not important to this team. The team that will use the second server has three goals. The first goal is that the pri mary volume be 120 GB in size, fault-tolerant, and host the operating system and program files. The second goal is that the secondary volume be 120 GB in size, faulttolerant, and store program data. The third goal is that the tertiary volume be 240 GB in size and provide the fastest possible read/write speeds.
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