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Everyone knows you shouldn t log on to your computer as an Administrator. The reason isn t because you don t trust yourself not to delete your hard drive it s because you don t trust the applications you run. When you run an unmanaged application, that code gets all the privileges your user account has. If you accidentally run a virus or a Trojan horse, the application can do anything your user account has permissions to do. So, you are forced to restrict application permissions by logging on with minimal privileges. Doesn t make much sense, does it You should be able to control the permissions that individual applications have. If a friend sends me a new text editor, I should be able to restrict it to opening a window and prompting me to open and save files and nothing else. It shouldn t be able to send e-mails, upload files to a Web site, or create files without asking me. Code access security (CAS) gives users the ability to restrict on a very granular level what managed code can do. As a developer, you must understand how to create applications that work even when some permissions are restricted. You can also use CAS to improve your application s security by restricting which callers can use your code. Exam Objectives in this :
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Exercise 3: Implementing a Transact-SQL UDT
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1. What is the most important aspect of naming conventions 2. What is the most important aspect of coding standards
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Verifying Multiple Users Assigned to a Single Credential
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Enable automatic updating of Exchange s anti-spam features.
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1. On the Alerts Properties page, click VPN Connection Failure and then click Edit. 2. On the Events tab, click the check box for Number Of Occurrences. In the text box, type 3. Click Apply. 3. On the Actions tab, click Send E-Mail and fill in the following information:
' VB Imports System.Threading Class Program Shared Sub Main(ByVal args() As String) Dim callback As WaitCallback = _ New WaitCallback(AddressOf ShowMyText) ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem(callback, ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem(callback, ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem(callback, ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem(callback, Console.Read() End Sub Shared Sub ShowMyText(ByVal state As Object) Dim myText As String = CType(state, String) Console.WriteLine("Thread: {0} - {1}", _ Thread.CurrentThread.ManagedThreadId, myText) End Sub End Class "Hello") "Hi") "Heya") "Goodbye")
figURE 5-24 Automatic Proxy Configuration
The system will prompt you that it will configure the account lockout threshold and reset counter policies. Click OK. 9. Click OK to confirm the settings, and then click OK to close the Policy dialog box.
You can also use the analogous methods of the ToolStripMenuItem.DropDownItems property to move items from one menu to another. Examples are shown here:
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The first thing to do, obviously, is to try accessing the same Web site yourself. If you can access the site, and other users still cannot, that tells you there is an issue on those other users computers or on the network that is preventing them from connecting to the site. For whatever reason that issue is not affecting you means you have to begin looking for network issues that can affect multiple users.
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84 Introduction to Windows 7 for Developers
After this lesson, you will be able to
Configuring ISA Server to Secure SMTP Traffic
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