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The first and third methods are used for opening application-specific configuration files, whereas the second and the fourth methods are used to open a given machine s configuration file. Opening and reading configuration information using the ConfigurationManager class, as the preceding examples illustrate, is fairly intuitive, but a few issues need further clarification. The first area that might need explanation is the ConfigurationUserLevel enumeration. Details of the ConfigurationUserLevel enumeration are provided in Table 9-3.
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Correct Answers: B A. Incorrect: Domain controllers should never be configured with the Compatible security template. In any case, the software runs on the workstations, not the domain controllers. B. Correct: This solution allows the software to run as it did before on the machines running Windows NT 4. An added advantage is that only one configuration change is necessary. You do not have to reconfigure each client PC. C. Incorrect: This approach would work, but you would have configure each client individually it could not be automated. D. Incorrect: This approach would work, but it would give the users too many rights. Also, this solution would take more administrative effort than using group policy.
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To configure a local TCP/IP connection for an alternate static configuration, complete the following steps: 1. Open Network Connections, right-click the appropriate network connection, and then select Properties. 2. In the General tab, select the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) component, and then click Properties. The Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties dialog box appears. 3. In the General tab, select Obtain An IP Address Automatically. 4. In the Alternate Configuration tab, select User Configured, and then type appro priate values in the following boxes:
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When you created the ManipulationDelta event handler on the Window just shown, Visual Studio should have created a stub function for you. If it didn t (for example, if you cut and pasted the attribute declaration instead of typing it), you can see it here:
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A RIS client requires which of the following (Choose one answer.) A. A bootable CD-ROM drive B. 256 MB RAM C. A PXE-compliant NIC or RIS disk D. An NTFS formatted partition
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After completing the configuration of the time and date, the installation process presents the Select Your Computer s Current Location dialog box, as shown in Figure 1-10. Setting a computer s location determines how it interacts with the local network. Setting the network to Home configures the network to attempt to discover peer-to-peer network devices. Setting the network to Work configures Windows Vista to attempt to discover domain resources. Configuring the network to Public Location means that the computer will not interrogate other devices on the network. In all cases, the Windows Firewall is active. The settings in this dialog box determine how inquisitive Windows Vista is about other devices on the local network.
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myGraphics = myControl.CreateGraphics()
DomainUpDown Control
Table 11-1 Properties of the SoapSender Class
If an application has problems running on Windows Vista, you might resolve the problem by using compatibility mode. Windows Vista can run programs in the following compatibility modes: Windows 95, Windows 98/Me, Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 5, Windows 2000, Windows XP (Service Pack 2), and Windows Server 2003 (Service Pack 1). System Recovery Options can be accessed by booting off the Windows Vista Installation Media. The Startup Repair system recovery option is used to automatically fix problems that prevent Windows Vista from starting. The System Restore system recovery option is used to roll back Windows Vista to an earlier state. The Windows Complete PC Restore system recovery option is used to restore the entire operating system and application from a backup. The Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool system recovery option is used to check RAM for errors. The Command Prompt system recovery option can be used to open a command prompt from where it is possible to copy files from the Windows Vista media to the volumes on the computer.
CAS can restrict access to many types of resources from files and folders, to printers, to network access. For each type of resource that can be protected, the .NET Framework provides a class. Table 11-8 lists each class used for assembly CAS declarations and the rights that the class represents.
Estimated lesson time: 25 minutes
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C. Correct: The highest priority you can give for Printer Priority is 99. D. Incorrect: You only need one printer, but you could create a logical printer named BOSS, assign the Printer Priority of 99, create another logical printer named EMP, and then assign a Printer Priority of 1. You could then give her boss access to the BOSS printer, and everyone else access to the EMP printer.
// Create an instance of the Patient class. Patient newPatient = (Patient)Activator.GetObject(typeof(Patient), "tcp://localhost:9000/Patient.rem"); // Call a remote method.
overloads for the DefaultTraceListener, and we could just as easily have directed the output to a text file, for instance. If the listener is implemented correctly, you should see the text This is a test in the Output window.
For the final exercise in this practice, you create an ad hoc report by using Report Builder and then deploy the report.
Advanced Properties
Setting or Updating an Attribute
You must create two server publishing rules for FTP One of the publishing rules will allow anony. mous access using the default ports to the public FTP site. The other rule will use an alternate port to publish the Web Developers site. The FTP filter for the second rule will have to be modified to allow read and write access to the site. You cannot restrict access to the Web Developers group using a server publishing rule, so you will need to configure the NTFS folder permissions on the FTP server. Note that this solution means that the passwords for the users in the Web Developers group are sent across the Internet in clear text when they authenticate to the FTP server. Ensure that this is an acceptable risk. As an alternative, you could require that the Web Developers use a VPN to connect to the FTP server and not publish the second FTP server to the Internet.
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