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The IP Security Monitor snap-in improves on the Ipsecmon.exe tool in Win dows 2000. (New in Windows XP Professional and Windows Server 2003.) A stronger cryptographic master key is introduced, Diffie-Hellman 2048-bit. The Netsh command-line management tool provides convenience, plus many configuration possibilities that are not available from the IP Security Policy Management snap-in. Computer startup security (or stateful filter), if configured, is activated at startup and manages network traffic during startup. It allows only the outbound traffic that the computer initiates during startup, inbound traffic sent in response to the outbound traffic, and DHCP traffic. The persistent policy is applied if the local policy or the Active Directory directory service IPSec policy cannot be applied. Only Internet Key Exchange (IKE) traffic is exempt from traffic filters. This restriction is required in order to establish secured communication. Certain restrictions determine which computers are allowed to connect by domain, by certificate origin, or by computer group.
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1. Which of the following code snippets will correctly merge two tool strips named aToolStrip and bToolStrip A.
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This approach accomplishes two things: it allows the code to work in C#, and it makes the code more intelligible. (No one will have to guess why you created objects that never get used for any apparent reason.)
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Group Policy objects are individualized entities that can contain policy settings and preference settings that apply to computers or to users. Although you can create local GPOs on individual workstations, the real power of Group Policy is as an enterprise configuration tool, enabled through AD DS. By default, an AD DS domain has two GPOs, as follows:
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figURE 4-3 Adding the Group Policy Management feature in Windows Server 2008 R2
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The correct answer is c.
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When a person is replaced at an organization, it is common practice to assign the replacement the old person s user account. This grants the new person access to all of the files and data needed without having to go through the complex practice of creating a new user account and configuring exactly the same security settings. If this is done after the handwriting recognition routine has learned the original person s particular style, it can cause recognition errors when the new person attempts to use that feature. It is possible to delete existing handwriting recognition data by turning off automatic learning in Tablet PC Settings in the Control Panel, as shown in Figure 14-6. After the data is cleared, you can turn automatic recognition back on, and the Windows Vista Tablet PC begins to learn the new person s handwriting style.
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Configure and Troubleshoot Parental Controls
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Although a network projector is indisputably an item of equipment, it is treated as a room custom resource because it is used to identify the rooms that contain network projectors. You might use a different type of custom resource for equipment. For example, you could create a custom resource equipment property Wireless to identify wireless equipment by using the following Exchange Management Shell command: Set-ResourceConfig -DomainController glasgow.tailspintoys.internal -ResourcePropertySchema Equipment/Wireless.
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You should consider an in-place domain upgrade instead of restructuring in the following cir cumstances: the current domain structure translates well, you want to minimize user impact, you want to minimize changes to administrative structure or information flow, or you have a lim ited amount of time or money to effect the migration.
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cd C:\Program Files\Windows AIK\Tools\PETools\ copype.cmd <architecture> <destination>
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You will use Windows Explorer to set the compression state of folders and files. To set the compression state of a folder or file, right-click the folder or file in Windows Explorer, click Properties, and then click Advanced. In the Advanced Attributes dialog box, shown in Figure 10-14, select the Compress Contents To Save Disk Space check box. Click OK, and then click Apply in the Properties dialog box.
static void Main(string[] args) { //Alias the Microsoft.Web.Services3 //and WebDemoCS.localhost namespaces AuthorService DemoService = new AuthorService(); Author DemoAuthor = DemoService.GetAuthorInformation(); Console.WriteLine("First Name: " + DemoAuthor.FirstName); Console.WriteLine("Last Name: " + DemoAuthor.LastName ); Console.WriteLine("Blog URL: " + DemoAuthor.BlogUrl ); Console.WriteLine("Web Site URL: " + DemoAuthor.WebSiteUrl); Console.WriteLine("MVP Awardee " + DemoAuthor.MVPAwardee.ToString()); Console.WriteLine("First Name: " + DemoAuthor.FirstName); foreach (String book in DemoAuthor.BookTitles) { Console.WriteLine("Book Title: " + book); } Console.ReadLine(); }
The performance metric that is shown in this table is the number of data pages that SQL Server handled during the query execution (SET STATISTICS IO ON, logical reads). Note that the so-called selective query (Query 2) returns 0.01 percent of the rows in the table. For a table of this size, that still amounts to 1,000 rows. If you are speaking to someone about the number of rows that are affected by a query, and he or she says that number is only a small percentage of the table, this usually translates to a lot of rows. Some conclusions you can draw from the test are given here. (This is only with regard to read performance; write performance is discussed later in this lesson.)
When modifying data in the database, one of the most important things developers need to consider is how best to keep the data in a consistent state. Consistent state means that all data in the database should be correct at all times incorrect data must be removed or, better yet, not inserted at all. Transactions are the primary mechanism by which you can programmatically enforce data consistency. When you begin a transaction, any data changes you make are, by default, visible only to your connection. Other connections reading the data cannot see the changes you make and have to wait until you either commit the transaction thereby saving the changes to the database or roll it back, thereby removing the changes and restoring the data to the state it was in before the transaction started. The basic process to use when working with transactions is as follows: 1. Start transactions by using the BEGIN TRANSACTION command. 2. After you start a transaction by using BEGIN TRANSACTION, the transaction will encompass all data modifications made by your connection, including inserts, updates, and deletes. 3. The transaction ends only when you either commit it or roll it back. You can commit a transaction, saving the changes, by using the COMMIT TRANSACTION command. You roll back a transaction by using the ROLLBACK TRANSACTION command. If at any time after the start of the transaction you detect that a problem has occurred, you can use ROLLBACK TRANSACTION to return the data to its original state.
Practice 2: Creating a Complete PC Image In this practice, you create a Complete PC Backup image on DVD rewritable disks. If you prefer, you can create the image on an external hard disk drive. Complete PC Backup also lets you use an internal hard disk dive, provided that this drive is not included in the disks to be backed up. Complete PC Backup requires elevated privileges, and the practice asks you to log on by using an administrator account. If you prefer, you can log on by using a standard account and supply administrator credentials to clear the UAC dialog box as prompted. To create a Complete PC Backup image, complete the following steps: 1. If necessary, log on by using the account (Kim_Ackers) that you created when you installed Windows Vista. 2. In Control Panel, under System And Maintenance, click Back Up Your Computer. 3. In the Create A Windows Complete PC Backup And Restore Image Of Your Entire Computer section of the Backup And Restore Center, click Back Up Computer. 4. Click Continue as prompted to close the UAC dialog box. Windows Complete PC Backup searches for backup devices.
Files are offline that were online when the snapshot was made. More than one snapshot of the database currently exists.
To help you successfully master the objectives presented in this chapter, complete the following tasks.
mance counter to see if an excessive amount of full zone transfer requests is being
remotely, it will not allow him to view the registry nor to watch Alex make the necessary modifications.
Answers to these questions and explanations of why each choice is correct or incorrect are located in the Answers section at the end of the book.
Real World
There are several other ways to view and report permissions when you need to know who can do what. You ve already seen that you can view permissions on the DACL by using the Advanced Security Settings and Permission Entry dialog boxes. Dsacls.exe is also available as a command-line tool that reports on directory service objects. If you type the command, followed by the distinguished name of an object, you will see a report of the object s permissions. For example, this command will produce a report of the permissions associated with the People OU:
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