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' VB Dim sourceFile As FileStream = File.OpenRead(inFilename) Dim destFile As FileStream = File.Create(outFilename) // C# FileStream sourceFile = File.OpenRead(inFilename); FileStream destFile = File.Create(outFilename);
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In the following case scenario, you apply what you have learned about in this chapter. You can find answers to these questions in the Answers section at the end of this book.
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Almost all DDL commands run within the context of a transaction. Because a DDL trigger also runs within the same transaction context, any DDL statement running in the context of a transaction can be rolled back. ALTER DATABASE is one of the commands that does not execute in the context of a transaction because the command affects objects outside SQL Server that do not obey transactional semantics. Therefore, an ALTER DATABASE command cannot be rolled back.
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At this point, the source is set up and ready to go. It includes the switch values, indicating the level of information to be traced, along with a listener that directs the output, in an XML format, to a file. However, the information published into the trace is not automatically pushed into the file immediately. Instead, the trace information is buffered, which, in the case of this exercise, means that it might not be visible. 5. To address this problem, set the autoflush property on the trace to true by adding the following XML element below the closing tag for the sources element in the app.config file:
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Here you can see that you check the type of the report and handle each report type differently. The second input parameter is the base class ILocationReport interface. After the report type is identified, you need to call the COM casting method, QueryInterface, passing the desired location report type. Last, you need to do something useful with the new location information. In our application, we simply print the location information to the console by calling the PrintCivicAddress helper function that is shown in the following code snippet:
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Objective 3.2 Answers 1.
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Configuring Automatic Updates
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The Microsoft Knowledge Base (available at offers answers to known issues and can be of significant help when you are trying to solve seemingly irresolvable issues. Figure 2-4 shows the Microsoft Help And Support page where the Knowledge Base and other resources can be accessed. Notice that you can also access announcements, link to visitors top links, acquire downloads and updates, get product support, and locate other support centers (for Microsoft Office Outlook 2003, Windows 2000, and so on). The Knowledge Base contains support articles that are identified by an ID number, and you can search for information using that number or using keywords. These articles address known issues with the operating system, third-party software, and hardware, and they provide workarounds and solutions. The Knowledge Base also offers how-to articles, such as KB 291252, How to Publish Pictures to the Internet in Windows XP, and KB 813938, How to Set Up a Small Network with Windows Home Edition, the first part of a series of articles on the subject.
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DC Type Writable DC RODC Writable DC with SYSVOL data RODC with SYSVOL data
Lesson 2: Sizing the Processor Subsystem
Ann Weber
You don t have to change the WM_TOUCH handler because the Manipulation processor and Inertia processor use the same event sink object. By applying these changes, your target object continues to move after the last touch point is lifted because you are using the Inertia processor.
1. False. Partial backup is a term used to designate the use of the READ_WRITE_FILEGROUPS option with a BACKUP DATABASE state ment. This option always backs up the primary filegroup and additional read-write filegroups. 2. A transaction log backup. 3. Specify the WITH DIFFERENTIAL option in a BACKUP DATABASE statement.
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Saving to a table
ISA Server creates the log summary databases every day but you need to configure the reports in order to view the information. You can modify how ISA Server creates the log summary information. Moreover, you can generate reports on demand, or schedule and publish ISA Server reports.
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