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Troubleshooting Domain Logon Problems
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Secedit creates the security database you specify (secdbname.sdb in our example) when you run the command. Secedit uses this database to store the results of its analysis of your computer s security settings. To apply a security template named Templatename to a computer, using the security database named secdbname.sdb, enter the following command at the command prompt:
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Table 2-2
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Data Type int sysname nvarchar(4000) datetime datetime
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Objective 7.3
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In comes Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS), one of the Active Directory technologies included in Windows Server 2008. Once again, this Active Directory technology is designed to extend the authority of your internal network to the outside world. (See Figure 17-3.) AD FS is designed to provide similar functionality to the forest trust or the explicit trust but, this time, not through the traditional LDAP TCP/IP ports but rather through the common HTTP ports. In fact, AD FS uses port 443 because all AD FS trust communications are secured and encrypted. In this manner, it can rely on AD CS to provide certificates for each server in the AD
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Throw New System.Configuration.Install.InstallException("File not found") End If // C# System.IO.FileInfo myInfo = new System.IO.FileInfo("aFile.txt"); if(!(myInfo.Exists)) throw new System.Configuration.Install.InstallException("File not found");
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Lesson 2: executing and scheduling packages
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USE the Yearly Sales Presentation file in the practice file folder for this topic. This practice file is located in the My Documents\Microsoft Press\Laptops and Tablet PCs with Windows XP SBS\AtHome \TransferringFiles folder.
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Remember that access that is audited and logged is the combination of the audit entries on specific files and folders and the settings in Audit Policy. If you ve configured audit entries to log failures, but the policy enables only logging for successes, your audit logs will remain empty.
Understanding Migration Stages
Secure by default
Answers to these questions and explanations of why each answer choice is right or wrong are located in the Answers section at the end of the book.
Telephone Call Centers
Lesson 1: Configuring and Troubleshooting User Account Control
[RegistryValuesToExcludeToResetToDefaults] # List individual registry values that will not be removed when resetting to # defaults. # Wildcards are not supported. # Only excludes only specific values, not subkeys. # Terminal symbols are ignored and treated as "all". # Syntax is key\valuename. # Name can be blank to denote the default value (use a trailing backslash). # This section cannot be used if the OPS file is used for custom setup in a # transform.
Language Settings Although the SUS administrative interface is provided in English and a few additional languages, patches are released for all supported locales. This option specifies the localized versions of Windows servers or clients that you support in your environment. Handling New Versions Of Previously Approved Updates Occasionally, an update itself is updated. You can direct SUS to approve automatically updates that are new versions of patches that you have already approved, or you can continue to approve each update manually. Ready To Install Before installation begins, the Setup Wizard will remind you of the URL clients should point to, http://SUS_servername. Note this path because you will use it to configure network clients. Installing Microsoft Software Update Services The Setup Wizard installs SUS. Completing the Microsoft Software Update Services Setup Wizard The final page of the Setup Wizard indicates the URL for the SUS administration site, http://SUS_servername/SUSAdmin. Note this path as well, because you will admin ister SUS from that Web location. When you click Finish, your Web browser will start and you will be taken automatically to the SUS administration page.
The call to the WCF service adds a record within the transaction. Now, add one locally. In the file, there is a static method called addRecord. This record performs the same INSERT into the database as found in the WCF service. 6. Add a call to this method by inserting the following line of code below the call to the WCF service:
Using WMIC in Monitoring
You must install the Firewall Client software on the client computers. If you have a large number of client computers in your organization and have no means of automating the client installation, it will require a significant effort to deploy the client. Once the software has been distributed, you can automatically configure all client settings. The Firewall client can only be installed on Windows computers. If you have other clients on your network, you will need to use a different ISA Server client.
GPO processing order for the Contractors OU = 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 GPO processing order for the Laptops OU = 1, 2, 6, 7
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