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' VB Private Const CONNECTIONSTRING As String = "connectionStrings" Protected Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) _ Handles Me.Load Dim ConnectionStringsSection As ConnectionStringsSection = _ CType(WebConfigurationManager.GetSection(CONNECTIONSTRING), _ ConnectionStringsSection) Dim ConnectionStrings As ConnectionStringSettingsCollection = _ ConnectionStringsSection.ConnectionStrings Dim ConnectionStringsEnumerator As System.Collections.IEnumerator = _ ConnectionStrings.GetEnumerator Dim i As Int32 = 0 Response.Write("[Display the connectionStrings]:<BR>") While ConnectionStringsEnumerator.MoveNext Dim ConnectionStringName As String = ConnectionStrings(i).Name Response.Write(String.Format("Name: {0} Value: {1} <BR>", _ ConnectionStringName, ConnectionStrings(ConnectionStringName))) i += 1 End While End Sub // C# private const String CONNECTIONSTRINGS = "connectionStrings"; protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { ConnectionStringsSection ConnectionStringsSection = WebConfigurationManager.GetSection(CONNECTIONSTRINGS) as ConnectionStringsSection; ConnectionStringSettingsCollection ConnectionStrings = ConnectionStringsSection.ConnectionStrings; //Make sure you use the System.Collections IEnumerator vs. the //System.Collections.Generic IEnumerator, it will take additional //work to get the latter one to workq System.Collections.IEnumerator ConnectionStringsEnumerator = ConnectionStrings.GetEnumerator(); // Loop through the collection and // display the connectionStrings key, value pairs. Int32 i = 0; Response.Write("[Display the connectionStrings]:<BR>"); while (ConnectionStringsEnumerator.MoveNext()) { String ConnectionStringName = ConnectionStrings[i].Name; Response.Write(String.Format("Name: {0} Value: {1}", ConnectionStringName, ConnectionStrings[ConnectionStringName])); i++; } }
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Create the conceptual design of the remote access infrastructure Specify the remote access method Specify the authentication method for remote access Plan capacity Ascertain network settings required to access resources Design for availability, redundancy, and survivability
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Accommodating NetBIOS Names
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6. On the Name Your Printer page, shown in Figure 9-5, choose a name that is descriptive of the type of printer. You should limit the name to 31 characters or fewer to maintain compatibility with older applications and previous versions of operating systems. Also, select whether or not you want this printer to be the default printer that is used, and then click Next.
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You can monitor and remotely control a user s Terminal Services session by connecting to the terminal server with the Remote Desktop Connection client, opening Terminal Server Manager, right-clicking the user session, and choosing Remote Control.
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The principle of least privilege applies not only to the code you write but also to how you write the code. To help ensure that your applications function correctly when run by a standard user, develop them using a standard user account. Unfortunately, standard user accounts, by default, do not have sufficient rights to create and debug applications. For that reason, you must understand exactly how to configure your development environment to allow you to effectively develop applications while not logged on as an administrator.
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application setting A custom setting that the application reads, writes, or both. assembly evidence Evidence that an assembly presents that describes the assembly s
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Creating Roles and Applying user Security to Cubes
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2. Which of the following statements about moving a file or folder are correct Choose all answers that are correct. a. When you move a file from one folder to another folder on the same volume, the permissions on the file do not change. b. When you move a file from a folder on an NTFS volume to a folder on a FAT volume, the permissions on the file do not change. c. When you move a file from a folder on an NTFS volume to a folder on another NTFS volume, the permissions on the file match those of the destination folder. d. When you move a file from a folder on an NTFS volume to a folder on the same volume, the permissions on the file match those of the destination folder.
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Database backups need to be periodically reviewed to ensure that restore operations can still occur within acceptable time frames. This review process also ensures that you know where all your backups are and can locate all the media associated with a restore operation. Backup review processes also consider all the ongoing capacityplanning processes so that you can predict when a particular failover process no longer meets business needs and requires additional technology to be deployed.
5. Click the Execute button on the toolbar. 6. In the Messages pane, ensure that the Command(s) Completed Successfully message is displayed. 7. Expand the AdventureWorks database. 8. Expand the Tables folder. 9. Right-click the Person.Address table and choose Modify. 10. Select the StateProvinceID column, and use the Data Type drop-down list on the Column Properties tab to verify that you can change the column s data type to use Sci_Measure. 11. Return the StateProvinceID column to its original int value, and close the Tables window.
Sandra is a member of the following groups:
Perform Post-Installation Updates and Product Activation 21-37
Application Services / Ent. Lib.
Create an application that allows you to browse sound files on your computer and play them with the SoundPlayer component. Extend the application created in the lab in Lesson 2, Practice with User Assis tance Controls, to include F1 help and validation for property values.
Use System Monitor to monitor resource usage Add counters to System Monitor Use Performance Logs And Alerts to track a computer s performance Establish a baseline for performance data Identify and resolve bottlenecks
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