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14. On the Print Test Page page, you can specify whether to print a test page to confirm that your printer is set up properly. Because this exercise does not require that you have a printer, click No, and then click Next. When you are actually setting up a printer, you should print a test page to confirm that it is working properly.
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Tip Another way to understand the necessary distinction between the gateway address and the network destination address is to think of each routing table entry as providing direc tions (an interface and gateway) to a given destination. With this analogy in mind, it makes sense that these entries wouldn t provide directions merely by repeating the destination que ried for. (How do you get to Just go there!) Consequently, when the network destination is within a router s broadcast range, the router s routing table provides directions to this destination by pointing not to the destination itself but to the router s own local address that faces the destination. This gateway value will thus be the same as the interface value. Similarly, even in cases where the destination is one of the router s own addresses, the routing table specifies a distinct address the loopback address of as the interface and gateway.
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In the following case scenario, you will apply what you ve learned about definining and evaluating a testing strategy. You can find answers to these questions in the Answers section at the end of this book.
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tabLe 6-9 Subset of the sys.dm_db_index_usage_stats DMV
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Troubleshoot Terminal Services
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Lesson 2: Creating Usage Reports
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The ImageX.exe utility that enables you to capture a workstation configuration as a Windows Imaging file is supplied with the Windows 7 Automated Installation Kit. However, the Windows AIK also includes other tools that you can use to automate the image creation process to a greater degree. Although you can vary the procedure in several different ways, the following steps define a basic Windows 7 AIK image creation method:
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26. Navigate to the C:\Datasources directory and open the Northwind.xml and Northwind.xsd files to verify that the data and schema information was saved to the files. The Northwind.xml and Northwind.xsd files are required for the next practice.
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Lesson 2: Using Common Reference Types
To apply the modified GPO settings, you can restart the client computers or execute the following command from a command prompt on each one:
Lesson 2: Connecting to Data Using Connection Objects
Click the Preview tab in the Report Designer. Notice that the HTML version of the report is only three pages long. The HTML rendering format uses logical pages and not physical pages, and you get one page per product category. Click the Export button on the Preview tab toolbar, and then select Acrobat (PDF) File. To review the file formatting, export the file to your desktop, accepting the default file name. Open the exported file, and then browse the content. Notice that this version is 28 pages long, and it displays very few columns. Close the file, and then return to BIDS. Select the Design pane in the Report Designer. If the Properties window is not displayed, from the main menu, select View, Properties Window or press F4. In the Object box in the Properties window, select Report. Configure the properties as shown in the following table.
Figure 2-2 TCP ports
Change data capture has the following functions:
In this exercise, you will practice configuring the AdventureWorks database for High Availability operating mode. 1. Right-click the AdventureWorks database on the instance that will host the principal database, choose Properties, and select the Mirroring page.
Because of the critical nature of domain controllers, it is recommended that you completely reinstall the former domain controller in this scenario.
Designing Internet Connectivity
Promote from a workgroup
Lesson 2: Resolving Issues with Handheld Devices
After you have installed a package within the SSIS package store or in the msdb database on the local SQL Server computer, exporting it to another computer is relatively simple. From within SSMS, you make a connection to Integration Services. From there, all that you need to do is locate the package, right-click it, and then choose Export. This opens a dialog box that allows you to choose the export destination. The export destination can be anything from a remote instance of SQL Server 2005 to the local file system or SSIS package store. It is also possible to right-click the File System or MSDB nodes within Integration Services and choose Import. You specify the import location which, like the export locations, can be a remote instance of SQL Server 2003, the local file system, or the SSIS package store and then import the package.
Warning that a webpage is trying to install software
Practice 2: Configure the Primary Database
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