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Objective 3.3 Answers 1.
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//During initialization, for example, in WM_CREATE: BOOL truth = TRUE; DwmSetWindowAttribute(hwnd, DWMWA_HAS_ICONIC_BITMAP, &truth, sizeof(truth)); DwmSetWindowAttribute(hwnd, DWMWA_FORCE_ICONIC_REPRESENTATION, &truth, sizeof(truth)); //In the window procedure: if (msg == WM_DWMSENDICONICTHUMBNAIL) { int width = HIWORD(lParam); int height = LOWORD(lParam); HBITMAP hbmp = GetRandomBitmap(width, height); DwmSetIconicThumbnail(hwnd, hbmp, 0); DeleteObject(hbmp); }
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ThreadState Enumeration
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A user cannot access Control Panel.
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Figure 5-34
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Disaster Recovery
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Tip Windows Media Player comes with a variety of skins, but you can also download additional skins from the Internet. To see skins that you can download, click the Tools menu, click Download, and then click Skins. 11 12
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In each of these scenarios, the dialog box presents the following three options:
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Touch Me Now: Advanced Multitouch Programming
Lesson 3: Activating and Updating Windows XP
Lesson 1
Lesson 4: Designing Database Views
If you need a measure that does not belong to a particular measure group, consider defining it as a calculated member. For example, the Sales Amount measure spans both Internet Sales and Reseller Sales measure groups. Thus, it is a good candidate to become a calculated member. Consider creating a calculated member when you need a nonadditive measure that operates uniformly across dimension levels. For example, a calculated member that calculates the average reseller profit amount (Reseller Sales Amount / Reseller Sales Count) returns the expected results no matter how the end user slices the cube. It simply takes the measure values at the current cube coordinate and divides them. In comparison, an additive measure with a SUM aggregate function will produce incorrect results because it will sum up the values.
Construct SQL queries to return data. Format the results of SQL queries. Identify collation details. Insert, update, and delete data. Handle exceptions and errors. Manage transactions.
At the core of every backup procedure is a backup tool and a backup plan. Windows Server 2003 provides a robust, flexible utility called Ntbackup. Ntbackup supports much of the functionality found in third-party tools, including the ability to schedule backups, and interacts closely with VSS and the Removable Storage Management (RSM) system. In this lesson, you will examine the conceptual and procedural issues pivotal to the backing up of data, so that you understand the fundamentals of planning for and creating backup jobs with Ntbackup.
Managing User Objects with Active Directory Users And Computers
<user name="Sbashary"
Case Scenario Exercises
Lesson 2: Creating Indexes
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