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Obtaining a Server Certificate for Encryption
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11. Double-click StopButton and add the following code to the StopButton_Click event handler:
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should be set to the intra-array address of the Configuration Storage server. Otherwise, the other array members may lose connectivity to the Configuration Storage server. To enable NLB on the ISA Server array, complete the following procedure: 1. In the ISA Server Management Console, expand Arrays, and then expand the array that you are configuring. 2. Expand Configuration and click Networks. 3. On the Tasks tab, click Enable Network Load Balancing Integration. 4. On the Welcome page, click Next. 5. On the Select Load Balanced Networks page, shown in Figure 12-22, select the network for which you want to enable NLB.
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Practice 2: Write a logon script to perform an unattended installation of the ISA Server 2004 Firewall Client software. Remember that the user account to which the logon script maps must be a member of the Administrator group for the logon script to work.
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You are an administrator at Northwind Traders. Your company is converting to a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) application and, in the process, will be conducting a large number of training sessions. You are responsible for configuring the computers in the training rooms, and you want to provide a single, consistent user experience for any student who logs on to the systems. For example, you want to implement a specific desktop wallpaper, prevent users from accessing registry editing tools, and disable the password-protected screen saver policy that is implemented by a GPO linked to the domain. 1. Are the policy settings that will configure the desired desktop environment found in the Computer Configuration or the User Configuration node of a GPO 2. After you configure the settings, should you link the GPO to the OU containing user accounts or to the OU containing the training computers 3. What must you do to ensure that the settings are applied when users log on to computers in the training rooms and not when they log on to their normal computers 4. What setting must be configured to prevent policy settings that normally apply to users from being applied when the users log on to training computers 5. What must you do to prevent the domain s screen saver policies from applying to training room computers
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<channel ref="tcp" port="9000" />
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Objective 7.2 ISA Server 2004 Monitoring Features net/prodtechnol/isa/2004/plan/monitoringfeatures.mspx Objective 7.3 ISA Server 2004 FAQ: Monitoring and Logging com/technet/prodtechnol/isa/2004/plan/faq-monitoring.mspx Troubleshooting Alert Action Failures nol/isa/2004/plan/troubleshootingAlertActionFailures.mspx
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How to Delete Local Groups
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Lesson 1 Review
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Not every database supports all available isolation levels, so this line of code may not be applicable with the database server you are using.
Real World
Exact Numeric Data Types
Determining the objects that have data currently stored in buffer cache
B. Correct: The built-in Transact-SQL LOGINPROPERTY function returns information about the password policy settings of a SQL Server login. C. Correct: You can use the sys.sql_logins catalog view to determine whether password policy or password expiration is enforced. D. Incorrect: The sys.server_permissions Transact-SQL server-level security catalog view returns one row for each server-level permission. You can use it to determine (for example) the identity of the securable on which the permission exists, the permission name and state, and the server principal to which the permission is granted. It does not return information about the password policy settings of a SQL Server login. 3. Correct Answer: D A. Incorrect: Members of the processadmin fixed server role can terminate processes that are running in an instance of SQL Server. This is not what you want Kim to do. B. Incorrect: Members of the serveradmin fixed server role can change serverwide configuration options and shut down the server. This is not what you want Kim to do. C. Incorrect: Members of the sysadmin fixed server role can perform any activity in the server. This gives Kim more permissions than she needs to perform the specified tasks and hence violates the principle of least privilege. D. Correct: Members of the securityadmin fixed server role manage logins and their properties. They can grant, deny, and revoke server-level permissions. They can also grant, deny, and revoke database-level permissions, and reset passwords for SQL Server logins.
Database Orders Customer CreditCards Employees HumanResources
Working with SQL Server Agent Jobs
Description Analysis Services includes the tools for creating and managing online analytical processing (OLAP) and data mining applications. Reporting Services includes server and client compo nents for creating, managing, and deploying tabular, matrix, graphical, and free-form reports. Reporting Services is also an extensible platform that you can use to develop report applications. Notification Services is a platform for developing and deploying applications that send personalized, timely information to subscribers on a variety of devices. Integration Services is a set of graphical tools and programmable objects for moving, copying, and transforming data.
BranchCache Distributed cache mode Hosted cache mode Replica mode
a. Correct: Hyper-V supports hosting x64 versions of Windows 7 Enterprise, which is required
// Save the extension name elementName = extensionName; break;
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