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The CTO has allocated a portion of the budget to acquire four more servers config ured with Windows Server 2003 and SQL Server 2005. All hardware will be clustercapable. Data within the existing Products, Customer, Orders, Flights, Cruises, Excursions, and CarRental databases can be exposed to the Internet through applications running on WEB1. All credit card information that is being moved into the Customer database is encrypted by an asymmetric key for maximum security. All other databases must be behind the firewall and accessible only to users authenticated to the corporate domain. A new storage area network (SAN) is being implemented for database storage that contains sufficient drive space for all databases. Each of the 20 Logical Unit Numbers (LUNs) configured on the SAN are configured in a stripe of mirrors configuration with four disks in each mirror set. To streamline operations, Margie s Travel is consolidating databases, as shown in Table 11-2.
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Designing Database Queries
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Handheld Devices
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that you can use any type of serialization that you require. (If you are going to customize the parameter serialization on the client, you need to ensure that the service is expecting the same serialization format.)
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period, SQL Server marks the subscription as inactive, and the Snapshot Agent reinitializes the database. Increasing this value increases the space required to hold the transactions, but it can help you avoid making full copies of the publication again, thus losing the advantage of using transactional replication. The third procedure in the script is sp_adddistpublisher. This procedure, executed at the Distributor, configures a Publisher to use the distribution database. The script also uses the sp_addextendedproperty or the sp_updateextendedproperty stored procedure to store the Snapshot folder path as an extended property.
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The solution is to use the CreateBufferedCopy method. This method returns a MessageBuffer object that contains the body of the method. As with the previously mentioned methods, you can manipulate the body of the message that has been copied. Further, by using the CreateMessage method on the MessageBuffer object, you can re-create a Message object that can be processed by the downstream channel components. The following code illustrates this process:
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As you continue to verify the scope configuration, check the exclusions defined in the address pool. Are all of the statically assigned addresses on the network being excluded if they lie within the scope range Are any addresses being excluded unnecessarily Next, move to the configured reservations. If clients with reserved addresses are not properly obtaining address leases, verify that the reserved addresses are not simulta neously being excluded. Also verify that the reserved addresses lie within the scope s defined address range. Finally, verify that the MAC addresses have been properly reg istered for each address reservation. Next, for DHCP servers that have deployed multiple scopes for use with remote subnets, verify that each scope is properly defined. For a scope to serve a remote subnet, the scope s configured address range must match the network ID of the DHCP relay agent or RFC 1542 compatible router deployed on that subnet. Finally, for networks on which multiple DHCP servers are deployed within a given broadcast range, verify that superscopes are configured and that the address ranges leased by each server are excluded by the other DHCP servers.
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How to Specify Backup Destination, Media Settings, and Advanced Settings
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Exam Highlights
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Replace <SSAS Database Name> with the name of the SSAS database you will use for the test. Execute the query. The query should return a list of partitions. The ones that have resulted in the most misses should be at the top of the list. Consider enabling the query log and running the Usage-Based Optimization Wizard to add more aggregations to these measure groups or partitions.
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database mirroring pair that a witness server services has a single row of information in the sys.database_mirroring_witnesses catalog view. The sole purpose of the witness is to serve as an arbiter within the High Availability operating mode to ensure that the database can be served on only one SQL Server instance at a time. If a primary database fails, and the witness confirms the failure, the mirror database can take the primary role and make its data available to users.
Correct Answers: B A. Incorrect: There is no such option as Disable ICF. To disable ICF, deselect Protect My Computer And Network By Limiting Or Preventing Access To This Computer From The Internet on the Advanced tab of the Properties dialog box of Network Connections. B. Correct: To disable ICF, deselect Protect My Computer And Network By Limiting Or Preventing Access To This Computer From The Internet on the Advanced tab of the Properties dialog box of Network Connections. C. Incorrect: To disable ICF, deselect Protect My Computer And Network By Limit ing Or Preventing Access To This Computer From The Internet on the Advanced tab of the Properties dialog box of Network Connections. D. Incorrect: To disable ICF, deselect Protect My Computer And Network By Limit ing Or Preventing Access To This Computer From The Internet on the Advanced tab of the Properties dialog box of Network Connections.
Lesson 1: Designing Instance-level Security
3. When does Windows synchronize offline files by default (Choose all that apply.) A. At logon B. At logoff C. During idle time on the computer D. Only when you initiate synchronization manually
Lesson 2: Troubleshooting Authentication and Authorization Issues
Troubleshooting Internet Explorer and Group Policy Issues
Slide taskbar buttons
Figure 1 5: When one key is linked to another, as in this example, the same subkeys and values appear in both places.
IT Manager, Carol Philips After that last virus hit, we decided to make everyone log on as a standard user. Developers are no exception. Besides, if you guys are writing our apps as administrators, how do you know that everyone who logs on as a standard user like they re supposed to will even be able to run those apps Developer, Deborah Poe How are you going to write this app, anyway Don t you have to query Active Directory or something Seems like a lot of trouble. It s not like I m going to get a virus.
Job schedule differences in SQL Server 2005
The number of times a query plan has been recompiled.
2. What is the difference between DNS and NetBIOS domain names
How will the application behave if an attacker submits a 50-MB ZIP file to a field designed for the entry of a telephone number How will the application behave if an attacker embeds an ALTER TABLE statement in a text field
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