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1. What attributes did you add to your assembly 2. What command did you use to view the token of the public key in your assembly 3. What command did you use to verify that your assembly does not yet have a strong name
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Table 9-1 Supported SMTP Commands
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Occurs after the return values are serialized into XML, but before they are sent across the network to the client.
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Table 18-3
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Before you can create a table, you need a schema in which to create the table .A schema is similar to a namespace in many other programming languages; however, there can be only one level of schemas (that is, schemas cannot reside in other schemas). There are already several schemas that exist in a newly created database: the dbo, sys, and information_schema schemas. The dbo schema is the default schema for new objects, while the sys and information_schema schemas are used by different system objects.. Before SQL Server 2005, schemas did not exist. Instead of the object residing in a schema the object was owned by a database user (however, the syntax was the same: <owner>.<object>) In these versions, dbo was recommended to own all objects, but this is not true anymore. Starting with SQL Server 2005, all objects should be created within a user-defined schema. Schemas are created using the CREATE SCHEMA statement, as shown in the following example of creating a schema and a table within that schema:
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End Sub
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Estimated lesson time: 10 minutes data matrix generator
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Case Scenario 1: Validating Input
As you learned in 1, Active Directory is the tool used to manage, organize, and locate resources on your network. DNS Server service is integrated into the design and implementation of Active Directory, making them a perfect match.
" Display the value returned from the Web service to
Lesson Review
Step 1: Confirm Group Membership
rithm s key pair. Pass true to this method to export both the private and public key, or pass false to export only the public key.
understanding SSAS Processing options
Prompt for a username and password
B. Alex can e-mail a remote assistance invitation to the administrator using the
4. Other Log Shipping Monitor Settings options include history retention, which determines how long the log shipping configuration will retain history information about the task, and the name and schedule for the alert job that raises an alert if there are problems in any log shipping jobs. You should use the same schedule as the schedule for the log shipping backup task.
Subnet mask (required)
There is also the option to make a folder private. When you make a folder private, only the owner of the folder can access its contents. You can make folders private only if they are in the user s personal user profile (and only if the disk is formatted with NTFS, the native file system for Windows XP; you will learn more about NTFS in 11). A personal user profile defines customized desktop environments, display settings, and network and printer connections, among other things. Personal user profile folders include My Documents and its subfolders, Desktop, Start Menu, Cookies, and Favorites. To locate the list of local user profiles, right-click My Computer, select Properties, and, from the Advanced tab, in the User Profiles section, select Settings. To view a personal user profile, browse to C:\Documents And Settings\User Name, as shown in Figure 9-3.
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