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Figure 1-23: The user profile list 16. Click on the Canberr\Don_Hall profile and then click Delete. When prompted to confirm the deletion of the profile, click Yes. Click OK twice to close the User Profiles and System Properties dialog boxes. 17. Click Start, Control Panel. Under User Accounts And Family Safety, click Add Or Remove User Accounts. 18. Select the Don_Hall user account and then click Delete The Account. On the Do You Want To Keep Don_Hall's Files page, click Delete Files. Click Delete Account and close the Control Panel. 19. Log out and verify that it is not possible to log on to the computer Canberra with the Don_Hall user account. 20. Log on using the Kim_Akers user account. 21. Click Start. In the Search Programs and Files text box, type Windows Easy Transfer and then press Enter. On the Windows Easy Transfer Welcome page, click Next. 22. On the What Do You Want To Use To Transfer Items To Your New Computer page, click An External Hard Disk Or USB Flash Drive. 23. On the Which Computer Are You Using Now page, click This Is My New Computer. 24. On the Has Windows Easy Transfer Already Saved Your Files To An External Hard Disk Or USB Flash Drive page, click Yes, Open The File. 25. Navigate to the location on the USB storage device where you saved the Windows Easy Transfer migration data in step 14, select the file named Windows Easy Transfer Items From Old Computer and then click Open. Enter the password P@ssw0rd. 26. On the Choose What To Transfer To This Computer page, ensure that only the Don_ Hall user account is selected and then click Transfer. Click Close to dismiss the Windows Easy Transfer Wizard. 27. Log off and then log on with the Don_Hall user account. It will be necessary to enter a new password for the account. Use the password P@ssword. When you log on, verify that the file named Migration_Test.txt is present on the desktop.
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When you create documents, they contain specific fonts, font styles, and font sizes so that headings, paragraphs, notes, tips, numbered and bulleted lists, summaries, and other components of the document are easily recognizable. Templates can also contain AutoText entries, page layout information, and macros. All documents created in Word 2003 use Word s Normal template by default. Templates define what a document, publication, website, e-mail message, or fax looks like when published, printed, or viewed. Templates also define the options that are available to the creator of the doc ument (macros, font sizes and styles, and so on). You can access and configure templates in the Templates And Add-Ins dialog box. (Click Tools, and then click Templates And Add-Ins.) Templates created specifically for a type of publication can be attached to any working document. You can also modify templates by opening the template, making changes, and resaving the template.
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Troubleshooting Lab
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Use the data type that you created in Practice 5 to create a column in a table, and then populate it with a few customers.
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Configuring and Troubleshooting Applications (1.0)
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Dynamic Management View(s) sys.dm_os_schedulers
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Lesson Review . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3-47
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other schema or the ability to grant permissions on the HumanResources schema.
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Table 7-3
Lesson 2
Managing Network Security
Configure general accessibility options.
Objective 2.4 Questions 1.
Consolidating database servers can have a significant impact on an organization, and you need to plan for it accordingly. When creating a plan, you must identify the data base servers that you want to consolidate and provide a strategy for migrating them to the consolidated environment. You must also describe potential problems, such as those pertaining to server compatibility and connectivity, and then define measures to prevent such problems. When designing a database server consolidation plan, you should perform the follow ing steps: 1. Gather information about dispersed data. To prepare for database consolidation, take inventory of the databases dispersed in your organization, the business entities (such as customers and orders) that these databases support, and the critical processes that use these same data bases. Be sure to note the redundant entities such as tables and stored proce dures used by multiple databases. 2. Identify potential consolidation problems. When you consolidate database servers, problems can arise related to connectiv ity, server object references, database replication, and database compatibility. Connectivity problems can stem from the change in the database server name or from the migration of a server installation to a named instance. If you want to use multiple instances for consolidation, you must determine whether applications can connect to named instances.
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A second CD-ROM contains a 180-day evaluation edition of Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition, and a DVD includes a 60-day evaluation edition of Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003, Professional Edition, which includes the Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine (MSDE).
The GroupBox Control
Windows Calendar is a new application that allows you use a calendar to keep appointments, tasks, and reminders and to then share your calendar with others. It is also possible to use Windows Calendar to view your colleagues appointments, tasks, and reminders by subscribing to their shared calendars. Windows Contacts is a replacement for the Windows Address Book application. Contacts can be accessed by any program that needs address information, whether it is a street address, an e-mail address, or a telephone number.
Complex data binding is binding more than one element of data to more than one property of a control, for example, a DataGridView control that displays an entire table or a List control that displays multiple columns of data. Controls that enable complex data binding typically contain a DataSource property and a DataMember property. The DataSource property typically will be a BindingSource or DataSet object. The DataMember property typically will be the table or collection to actually display. The following code shows how to bind a DataGridView to the Northwind Customers table using a BindingSource component:
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Restoring System State Data
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