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One of the most visually stunning features of the Windows 7 desktop is the multiple live thumbnails shown for each taskbar button (as shown in the following screen shot). The new taskbar thumbnails are much smarter than their Windows Vista counterparts, enabling you to preview a live rendering of the underlying window a feature known as Aero Peek and to close the window without even switching to it. (And, of course, thumbnail toolbars extend the productivity story even further.)
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Maximizing Security During Deployment
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Lesson 2: Managing Multiple Domains and Trust Relationships
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Merge eliminates this problem as well. The merge metadata tables are located in the same database as the articles you are publishing. Therefore, when you back up the database, you also back up the merge metadata at the same time; it will be in sync with the contents of the database. You can then literally restore any backup of the database since the merge publication started replicating changes and leave it up to the merge engine to figure out what to do. It does not matter where the changes originated; the merge engine simply figures out what generations are not present on either publisher or subscriber and then sends everything that is not present. You do not have to worry about restoring the system to a particular state because the merge engine figures it out on its own. Throughout the discussion of change tracking and synchronization, generations have been mentioned numerous times. The merge metadata tables contain a complete his tory of all rows that have been changed since merge replication was initiated. Interro gating the metadata for changes on a row-by-row basis is inefficient. To reduce the amount of overhead, the merge engine packages change into batches called a genera tion, which is applied in an all-or-nothing manner between publisher and subscriber. The replication engine can search for changes to apply based on the batches, or gen erations, that do not yet exist on either publisher or subscriber.
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The ability to begin transactions and selectively commit them or roll them back is not quite enough to be able to effectively deal with problems when they occur. The other necessary component is the ability to programmatically detect and handle errors. You perform error checking in Transact-SQL by using the TRY and CATCH control-offlow statements. TRY defines a block within which you place code that might cause an error. If any of the code in the block causes an error, processing immediately halts, and the code in the CATCH block is run. The following code shows the basic TRY/ CATCH format:
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marshal-by-value (MBV) message layer security
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' VB Dim filePermissions As FileIOPermission = New _ FileIOPermission(FileIOPermissionAccess.Read, "C:\Windows\") If SecurityManager.IsGranted(filePermissions) = True Then ' Assembly can read the C:\Windows directory Else ' Assembly cannot read the C:\Windows directory End If // C# FileIOPermission filePermissions = new FileIOPermission(FileIOPermissionAccess.Read, @"C:\Windows\"); if ( SecurityManager.IsGranted(filePermissions) == true ) // Assembly can read the C:\Windows directory else // Assembly cannot read the C:\Windows directory
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Table 4-4 Permissions Required for Debugging
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Exam objectives in this chapter:
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Table 4-1
The Customize Start Menu dialog box offers many ways to personalize the Start menu.
Troubleshooting Network Protocols and Services (5.0)
Group Accounts
The following code would work if added to the Page_Load method, assuming you created a TextBox object named bootIniTextBox:
You can use the version of Network Monitor provided on the Windows Server 2003 installation CD-ROM to view only the network traffic that is sent to or from the com puter on which it is installed. To view network traffic that is sent to or from another computer and is routed through your computer, you need to use the Network Monitor component that is provided with Microsoft Systems Management Server. By default, Network Monitor captures and displays all traffic sent to or from the host it is running on, which is often too much information. You can configure view and cap ture filters so that you can either view only the traffic that you are interested in, or cap ture only that traffic. Network packets can be filtered by source or destination IP address, for example, or by protocol. Capture filters can be triggered by a pattern match so that you can specify when the capture starts. Typically, you use Network Monitor in conjunction with other tools such as IP Security Monitor (or Ipsecmon on computers running Windows 2000). Network Monitor could be used, for example, to identify the server to which unencrypted traffic is going. You could then use IP Security Monitor to determine which SAs are set up between that server and other hosts on the network. Alternatively, the System log in Event Viewer might indicate an unacceptable number of packet-related faults, and you can use Network Monitor to discover what is causing the problem. The examination requires that you know how to install, configure, and use Network Monitor, and understand how it complements other troubleshooting tools.
3: Deploying System Images
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