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In this practice, you use Microsoft Excel to create a CSV file. Although using a text editor is arguably more straightforward, many organizations store the information used to create or manage mailboxes in spreadsheet files. If you do not have Microsoft Excel installed on your computer, almost any spreadsheet can be used to create CSV files. If you prefer, you can create the CSV file by using a text editor and then complete the practice. 1. If necessary, log on by using the Kim_Akers account. 2. Open Microsoft Excel. If you do not have Microsoft Excel installed on your computer, open the spreadsheet or text editor that you want to use to create CSV files. 3. Enter the information shown in Figure 5-31.
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Windows Vista allows you to set your desktop background using almost all popular image formats. You can either select a background from a large number of built-in wallpaper images or select your own picture by clicking Browse and navigating to a folder containing your own set of pictures. It is also possible to right-click on an image you have located on the Internet and to set it as a desktop background. In general, you should download an image and set it as a background rather than setting it as a background using Internet Explorer. If you use Internet Explorer and you set a new desktop background, only to change your mind later, you will have to remember where on the Internet you found your previous image. If you save the image file to your hard disk drive, you can simply reload it.
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You cannot directly recover a deleted file that has been removed from the Recycle Bin. However, you can recover a previous version of the folder that the file was in. Take care, because recovering the folder overwrites other files in the folder with their previous versions. The procedure to recover an accidentally deleted file that has been removed from the Recycle Bin is as follows: 1. 2. Identify the folder that contained the deleted file. Create a new folder and copy the contents of the folder you identified into the new folder. 3. Replace the folder you identified with its most recent previous version. 4. Copy the contents of the new folder back into the previous version folder. Permit any old versions of files to be overwritten by the newer versions in the new folder. The file that was deleted will be in the previous version folder but will not be affected by the copy operation because that file will not be in the new folder. 5. Finally, you can delete the new folder. Recovering Several Previous Versions of the Same File If you recover a previous version of a file or folder (either created when a restore point was created or from backup) to its original location, it overwrites the existing file or folder. If you then restore another previous version of the same file or folder to its original location, it in turn overwrites the version you created earlier. Sometimes you want to recover and retain several versions of the same file for historical reasons or in the course of an audit or an investigation. In this case, you would use the Copy function on the Previous Version tab of the Backup And Restore Properties dialog box shown previously in Figure 14-21. For example, suppose that you want to restore several previous versions of a file going back the last four weeks. Your first step should be to create a new folder to hold these files. You right-click the current file, click Restore Previous Versions, select the previous version that you want to recover, and click Copy to copy it to the new folder (not to the folder that holds the current version). You then rename the file you have recovered, typically by appending a month and day (such as Backup_and_restore_7_12.docx). You do this for all the files in which you are interested, renaming each in turn. The renaming is necessary because all the previous versions of the same file have the same name by default, and you do not want any file to be overwritten. The Volume Shadow Copy Service VSS manages and implements shadow copies, which are used for backup and to create previous versions when a restore point is generated, and manages volume snapshots. When you initiate a file and folder backup from the Backup And Restore console, the VSS creates a snapshot of the volume that contains the files and folders to be backed up, and the snapshots are backed up rather than the files themselves. This speeds up the backup process and enables you to back up files on disk even when the file is open and you are working on it. Note that the backup process does not back up the changes you have made to an open file since
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Restricts access to registry keys. You can grant an assembly unrestricted
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Correct Answers: B A. Incorrect: These settings allow users full read access to all files in the Finance folder, which violates the requirements. B. Correct: These settings allow users read access through the share point, but with no permissions on the files through NTFS; except for the appropriate Read access to Summary.rpt, these settings meet the requirements. C. Incorrect: These settings allow users complete Read access to the Finance folder, which violates the requirements. D. Incorrect: These settings allow the Users appropriate access to the Summary.rpt file, but the NTFS settings restrict the AccountingExec users to Read access on all files in the Finance folder, which violates the requirements.
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After gathering information about your computer, the Setup Wizard guides you through installing the Windows XP Professional networking components, as shown in Figure 2-5.
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RAID-5 Volumes
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How to Configure an Uninterruptible Power Supply
Lesson Summary
Caution For Windows Server 2003, the use of secure dynamic updates can be compro mised by running a DHCP server on a domain controller when the Windows Server 2003 DHCP service is configured to perform registration of DNS records on behalf of DHCP clients. To avoid this problem, deploy DHCP servers and domain controllers on separate computers.
2. In the second example, the Users folder contains user home folders. Each user home folder contains data accessible only to the user for whom the folder is named. The Users folder has been shared, and the Users group has the shared folder Full Control permission for the Users folder. User1 and User2 have the NTFS Full Control permission for their home folder only and no NTFS permissions for other folders. These users are all members of the Users group. What permissions does User1 have when he or she accesses the User1 subfolder by making a connection to the Users shared folder What are User1 s permissions for the User2 subfolder
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