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You can force these changes to take place immediately by doing either of the following: Disconnect all users from all open files To disconnect all users from all open files, in Computer Management, click Open Files; on the Action menu, click Disconnect All Open Files. Disconnect all users from one open file To disconnect users from one open file, in Computer Management, click Open Files. In the details pane, select the open file; on the Action menu, click Close Open File.
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Antivirus software
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The COMPUTER1 (Local) Properties dialog box opens.
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iPv4 Address Every computer on a TCP/IP network must have a unique IP address. If the computer s address is assigned by DHCP, duplicate addresses are almost never a problem, but systems manually configured with duplicate addresses generate error messages to the user. A manually configured IP address on the wrong network prevents all network communications from occurring. subnet Mask Specifies which bits of the IP address identify the network and which bits identify the host on the network. If the computer is configured by DHCP, problems with this setting are unlikely. On a manually configured computer, an incorrect value prevents all network communications from occurring.
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chapter Review
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HKCU\Software\Policies\Microsoft\MMC\ {B708457E DB61 4C55 A92F 0D4B5E9B1224}\Restrict_Run
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Performing Remote Installations
How to Implement Remote Administration
.NET Framework.
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passes to the CATCH block. However, the transaction is doomed and cannot be committed within the CATCH block.
Availability of a RADIUS Solution
Understand Per Server and Per Device or Per User licensing modes Configure licenses using the Licensing properties in Control Panel, and the Licensing
Exercise 3: Configure an All Employees Access Rule
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