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' VB Public Enum TitleOptions : int <EnumMember()> _ Mr = 0 <EnumMember()> _ Ms = 1 <EnumMember()> _ Mrs = 2 <EnumMember()> _ Dr = 3 End Enum <DataContract( _ Namespace:="")> _ Public Class ContactInfo <DataMember(IsRequired:=False)> _ Public PhoneNumber As String <DataMember(IsRequired:=False)> _ Public EmailAddress As String End Class // C# [DataContract( Namespace = "")] public enum TitleOptions : int { [EnumMember()] Mr = 0, [EnumMember()] Ms = 1, [EnumMember()] Mrs = 2, [EnumMember()] Dr = 3, } [DataContract( Namespace = "")] public class ContactInfo { [DataMember(IsRequired = false)] public string PhoneNumber;
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The steps in this section assume that if you are using Windows XP you installed only , Service Pack 1. Additional configuration might be required if you are using Windows XP with Service Pack 2.
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A and D are the correct answers. B is not correct because you cannot delete the default profile. C is not correct because you must choose the Select The First Profile Listed If I Don t Select A Profile In xx Seconds option to always start a particular profile.
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A control flow task is an SSIS component that performs an operation such as sending an e-mail message, executing an SQL statement, or copying a file from an FTP server. When a control flow task is complete, it either succeeded or failed. You use the control flow to coordinate the execution of tasks in parallel or to set precedence constraints based on the tasks completion status. See 2, Debugging and Error Handling in SSIS, to learn more about precedence constraints. To create a new control flow task in your package, drag the task from the toolbox to the Control Flow tab in the SSIS Designer. Figure 1-11 shows the Toolbox window when the Control Flow tab is clicked in the SSIS Designer. code 39 generator code project
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Hardware profiles also allow for the optimization of performance and power usage. Each hardware profile determines which devices and services are used when the system is started using that profile. A laptop computer, for example, can have its battery life extended by creating a mobile profile, which disables devices that are not needed when the computer is disconnected from the network. Hardware profiles also provide a powerful troubleshooting option. If a computer is experiencing system resource allocation conflicts, it can be challenging to determine the appropriate resources to allocate manually. Rather than experimenting with the standard configuration of the system, create a copy of the configuration in a new hardware profile and use the new profile to troubleshoot the conflict. When you have identified the correct resource allocation, you can apply the solution to the standard hardware profile. In this exercise, you will create a hardware profile and disable the network card in that profile. 1. On the Hardware tab of System Properties, click Hardware Profiles. 2. Copy the current profile to a new profile. Name the profile Mobile and leave the Hardware Profiles Selection setting at the default (selects the first profile in the list if a selection is not made within 30 seconds). 3. Restart the computer. When prompted to select a hardware profile, choose Mobile. 4. Log on and open Device Manager from the Hardware tab in System Properties. 5. Right-click the network card shown in Device Manager and choose Properties. 6. In the Device Usage drop-down list on the Properties page for the network card, select Do Not Use This Device In The Current Hardware Profile (disable). You have now disabled the network card for use in a single profile. You can use this technique in many situations, including troubleshooting devices, by creating Hardware profiles that enable or disable different devices whose combined interactions and resource usage you are testing.
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Description The password that is used to authenticate the user. For security reasons, you should always assign a password. The password is masked as you type it. Confirm the password by typing it a second time to make sure you typed it correctly. Select this check box if you want the user to change the password you have entered the first time he or she logs on. You cannot select this option if you have selected Password Never Expires. Selecting this option will automatically clear the mutually exclusive option User Cannot Change Password. Select this check box if you have more than one person using the same domain user account (such as Guest) or to maintain control over user account passwords. This option is commonly used to manage service account passwords. You cannot select this option if you have selected User Must Change Password At Next Logon. generate data matrix code
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In order to use MOM, you need to install it and then import the Exchange Management Pack. Note that the workgroup version of MOM 2005 can monitor only up to 10 servers and does not support reporting. However, the full version requires
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This chapter does not cover specific exam objectives. After introducing the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 family of products, this chapter covers some installation and configuration considerations with a focus on what you need to know for the 70-290 certification exam.
Figure 8 1: RegView is an enhanced registry editor. If turn around time is important to you, use RegSnap. If you're after an enhanced registry editor that can do a search and replace as well as compare snapshots of the registry, you should consider RegView. Both shareware programs are inexpensive, but if you don't want to shell out the money, stick with the methods you learn in this chapter. 183
The following question is intended to reinforce key information presented in this les son. If you are unable to answer the question, review the lesson materials and try the question again. You can find answers to the question in the Questions and Answers section at the end of this chapter. The following table lists some common installation problems and their causes. To answer this question, match the installation problem on the left with the likely cause on the right.
Kerberos=yes description= this rule negotiates telnet to computer1
MORE INFO: DRIVER VERIFIER MONITOR For more information about Driver Verifier Monitor, download the white paper "Driver Verifier in Windows Vista," at This document describes the use of the tool in Windows Vista, but the information also is relevant to Windows 7.
USE AdventureWorks; GO
Estimated lesson time: 20 minutes
When you move a file or folder between NTFS volumes, note the following:
Exam Highlights
Understand when to install multiple instances. Apply the guidelines for creating a multiple instance design.
Lessons in this chapter: Lesson 1: Sharing Resources Lesson 2: Folder and File Access Lesson 3: Managing BranchCache
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