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1. What configuration would you recommend
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Using Secure Coding Best Practices
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In this practice, you perform two configuration tasks related to the configuration of Internet Explorer.
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Run In 256 Colors This setting adjusts the color quality setting to 256 col ors while the program is running. When the program is closed, the color qual ity settings return to the user s defaults. Run In 640 480 Screen Resolution This setting adjusts the screen reso lution to 640 480 while the program is running. When the program is closed, the screen resolution settings return to the user s defaults. Disable Visual Themes This setting prevents visual themes from being applied to the program. This often works to resolve problems with menus or buttons in the program. When the program is closed, the theme setting returns to the user s default. Turn Off Advanced Text Services For This Program This setting turns off any advanced text services while the program is running. When the program is closed, the text settings return to the user s defaults and are available in other programs.
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manually delete the clients host records, and then either reboot the clients or use the Ipconfig /registerdns command-line utility on each client. D. Incorrect: By default, Microsoft Windows XP Professional clients are configured to update their own host resource records. Although this default could have been changed on a single client, it has probably not been changed on all of them.
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The preceding examples used SecurityAction.RequestMinimum to cause the .NET Framework runtime to throw an exception if the assembly did not have CAS permissions to read the C:\boot.ini file. This ensures that the assembly will not run unless the runtime provides the required permission, therefore preventing the application from experiencing problems while running. However, throwing the exception does not improve the security of the assembly because it does nothing to restrict the assembly s permissions.
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EFS Recovery Agents
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Practice: On the ISA Server 2004 Management Console, navigate to the Virtual Private Networks node. On the Tasks tab, open the Enable VPN Client Access task. Click Apply to save changes and update ISA Server configuration. On
FireWire Port
Answer the following questions for your manager: 1. How can you constrain the input before you write any code 2. How can you further constrain the input by writing code
Case Scenario 2: Responding to a Denial of Service Attack
Order of Group Policy processing
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