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Table 2-28 BufferedStream Properties
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Admin Approval mode and all other UAC policies are dependent on this setting being enabled. Disabling the setting effectively switches UAC off. If you do so, the Security Center will notify you that the overall security of the OS has been reduced. Changing this setting requires asystem reboot.
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Previous versions are either backup copies (copies of files and folders that you back up by using the Back Up Files wizard) or shadow copies (copies of files and folders that Windows Vista automatically saves when it creates a restore point). You can use previous versions of files to restore damaged files or files that you, or users you support, accidentally modify or delete. You can open previous versions, save them to a different location, or restore a previous version of a damaged file to its original location.
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When you configure a TCP/IP connection to obtain an IP address automatically, by default the computer attempts to contact a DHCP server for that address. If the server is available, a user is given an address from the scope of addresses on the DHCP server. If a DHCP server is not configured or not available, the computer uses the alter nate configuration to determine whether to use APIPA.
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The initial part of the Operations stage is devoted to acceptance testing, the process by which the Operate team evaluates the work of the Deliver team and declares the workstations ready to pass into their care. This process is largely a formality, because many of the IT workers are members of both teams, and the two teams have already been working together in any case. The remainder of the Operations stage is devoted to defining the regular maintenance tasks that will keep the workstations running smoothly. In many respects, the maintenance for the Genetic Research workstations is no different from that for the other computers at A. Datum, and the team was able to use the existing operational work instructions with only a few modifications. These instructions describe the periodic maintenance tasks for the workstations, such as backups, drive defragmentations, and software updates, as well as contingency plans for unforeseen events, such as virus infections, drive failures, and other disasters. The management team has decided that the specialized scientific equipment falls outside the purview of the IT operations team. The IT team will service issues related to the equipment interface, but the Genetic Research division will provide its own support for the devices themselves, and deal with the manufacturers directly, when necessary.
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Practice: Inspecting Existing Endpoints. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 172
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Configuring DNS Servers and Clients
A scalar value that is returned from a stored procedure.
One of Contoso s competitors recently made the news as a recent victim of a breach of password security, that exposed its sensitive data. You decide to audit Contoso s secu rity configuration and you set forth the following requirements:
You work for a consulting company that has just acquired a new customer that wants to enable its Web site for e-commerce. The Web site is composed mostly of static text and images to display the product line. The site will need, at the very least, shopping-cart capability as well as the ability to handle credit-card payment transactions and delivery of the product to the buyer. The company wants to do this on an extremely low budget. Your manager seeks your advice on how to handle this customer. 1. Your manager wants to know whether you can deliver a reasonably priced solution to the customer, one with the lowest possible upfront costs. 2. If so, what might the solution look like
In large network environments, users typically are not responsible for installing Windows XP Professional themselves. Most IT departments have dedicated staff whose job it is to purchase or build computers, install the operating system and applications, configure the computer, and deliver the computers to users. Most often, this process happens by using disk duplication or RIS. After installation of the operating system, most large companies use software like Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS) to distribute and upgrade software (SMS cannot be used to install an operating system to new computers because the client computer must have SMS client components installed). SMS not only automates installations and upgrades; it also monitors the distribution of software throughout the network, helps resolve problems related to installations, and generates reports on the rate and success of deployments.
You are a corporate developer who created a Windows application that processes flat files. Each flat file contains sales lead information that needs to be converted into database records. The flat file can contain anywhere from 1000 to more than 1,000,000 leads. Now that the application has been released, you are getting reports that the performance, especially on large files, is slower than users would like to see.
Exercise 2: Run MBSA
4. Which of the following types of files or data are good candidates for NTFS compression (Choose all that apply.) a. Encrypted data b. Frequently updated data c. Bitmaps d. Static data
The addition of native XML support in Microsoft SQL Server 2005 represents a learning curve for database specialists who are used to relational data representation. But the effort is worth it. XML is a multipurpose, extensible data representation technology that expands the possibilities for how applications can consume and manipulate data. Unlike relational data, XML data can represent structured, semistructured, and unstructured data. XML support in SQL Server 2005 is fully integrated with the relational engine and query optimizer, allowing the retrieval and modification of XML data and even the conversion between XML and relational data representations. This chapter covers the key aspects of working with XML structures, shows you how to retrieve and modify XML data, and describes how to convert between XML and relational data. You also see how you can optimize the new XML data type in SQL Server 2005 for data retrieval by using different types of indexes.
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4. Change the service type implementation to return faults instead of just using regular .NET exceptions as was done in the previous exercise. Once again, to complete this solution, you must perform a similar change on all the operations. See the After solution for details if necessary. For your MarkTaskCompleted operation, this would involve the code shown in bold here:
You are the domain administrator for the Baldwin Museum of Science. The museum has 50 computers running Microsoft Windows NT 4 Workstation. A customized software package is installed on the clients that allows users to obtain illustrations and descriptions of the museum s exhibits. The domain s two domain controllers also act as file servers, and they have recently been upgraded to Windows Server 2003. Museum visitors who sign on for this service are given user names and passwords that allow them to log on and use this facility. During a closure period, you upgrade all the clients to Windows XP Professional. Now users report that they cannot use the software. How should you solve the problem with the least administrative effort A. Use the Security Configuration And Analysis snap-in to configure the domain controllers with the Compatible security template. B. Use Microsoft Windows 2003 group policy to configure the client PCs with the Compatible security template. C. Use the Security Configuration And Analysis snap-in to configure the clients with the Compatible security template. D. Put all user accounts into the Power Users group on the client PCs.
Lesson 3: Understanding DHCP
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