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Answers to these questions and explanations of why each answer choice is right or wrong are located in the Answers section at the end of the book.
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' Calls the Report Progress method, indicating the percentage
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FiGURe 9-9 Sample Help screen
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Lesson 1: implementing Spatial Data types
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This approach is a lot easier than writing a whole Comparison object for seldom-used comparisons.
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Now create a property of the same type that allows you to get and set this value. Remember that the image within your UserControl is called TheImage:
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Objective 7.4
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1. Correct Answer: C A. Incorrect: The requested XML structure is made of two levels, so a nested query is required. The formatting indications to create elements and attributes do not match the requested structure. B. Incorrect: Even though a nested query is used, the inner FOR XML query does not use the TYPE instruction to indicate that the result of the inner query should be of the XML data type, so it will be interpreted as text. The formatting indications to create elements and attributes do not match the requested structure. C. Correct: A nested query is used to generate a two-level XML structure. The outer query uses an aggregate function to calculate the total number of contacts stored for each company. The inner query retrieves each of the contacts for that company. The inner query composes the columns into attribute-centric XML nested under a <Contacts> element. The outer query composes the columns into element-centric XML nested under a <ContactList> element. D. Incorrect: The inner query composes the columns into element-centric XML nested under a <Contacts> element. The outer query composes the columns into attribute-centric XML nested under a <ContactList> element. The formatting indications to create elements and attributes do not match the requested structure. 2. Correct Answers: A and D A. Correct: The exist() method can execute the XQUERY expression. It will return 1 if there are any nodes returned from the expression or 0 if there is nothing returned from the expression. B. Incorrect: The modify() method accepts a different type of expression that includes specific commands for XML data manipulation. C. Incorrect: The value() method accepts XQUERY expressions, but it must validate that the expression returns a single scalar value. This is not the case in this example, so the expression would generate a compilation error. D. Correct: The query() method would execute the XQUERY expression and return an XML fragment as output.
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You can also rebuild an index by first dropping it with the DROP INDEX statement and re-creating it with a separate CREATE INDEX statement. However, Microsoft does not recommend this procedure.
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SQL Server 2005 enables you to install multiple instances of the SQL Server service. The additional instances are known as named instances, and each will be assigned a unique name, which is used to identify it. You will need this name when creating the connection string used to connect to the additional instance. If the instance was installed on a port number other than the default, you will also need to specify the port number with the instance name. For example, the following connection strings can be used to connect to a named instance of the SQL Server service that has been assigned to port number 1431:
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us_english: A customer named %s already exists with the ID %d. Swedish: Kunden %1! existerar redan med ID-nummer %2!
Exercise 2: Exporting the Users from an Organizational Unit
Uninstalling Drivers
Remove-Mailbox cmdlet also lets you specify an Identity parameter that can optionally identify a message queue and server in addition to the message itself. The cmdlet also supports the WithNDR parameter, which specifies whether an NDR is sent to the sender. The default value is True. If you specify an Identity parameter that matches only a single message, the message will be removed. However, an e-mail message can (and frequently is) sent to multiple recipients and can be held in several queues. In this case, the identity could match more than one message, and the command could fail. If you want to remove a message from more than one queue in a single operation, you can use the Filter parameter. You can filter messages by, for example, size, subject, status, spam confidence level (SCL), date received, and source address. You can use the and logical operator to specify multiple filter criteria. Finding specific messages is discussed later in this lesson. You can use an Identity parameter or a Filter parameter with Move-Mailbox. These two parameter sets are mutually exclusive, and you cannot use both of them in the same command. For example, to use the Identity parameter to identify and remove all messages from don.hall@tailspintoys.internal from all queues on the default server without sending an NDR, you would enter the following command:
Introduction to Active Directory and Network Infrastructure
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Use WMI and other file utilities to get a complete list of all file-based resources that are located in servers on the network. Completely document the permission struc ture on those resources and cross-reference it with the department heads to be certain that you understand the file resource access needs clearly.
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A. Incorrect: This figure is below the 10% threshold, so Windows will not recom
Practice 1
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