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[ WITH <common_table_expression> [,...n] ] MERGE [ TOP ( expression ) [ PERCENT ] ] [ INTO ] target_table [ WITH ( <merge_hint> ) ] [ [ AS ] table_alias ] USING <table_source> ON <merge_search_condition> [ WHEN MATCHED [ AND <clause_search_condition> ] THEN <merge_matched> ] [ WHEN NOT MATCHED [ BY TARGET ] [ AND <clause_search_condition> ] THEN <merge_not_matched> ] [ WHEN NOT MATCHED BY SOURCE [ AND <clause_search_condition> ] THEN <merge_matched> ] [ <output_clause> ] [ OPTION ( <query_hint> [ ,...n ] ) ] ;
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Querying the @@ERROR function. Setting the XACT_ABORT session option. Implementing structured error handling using TRY CATCH blocks.
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When more than one route matches a conversation, SQL Server uses a complex process to select a route. For information about this process, see the SQL Server 2005 Books Online topic Service Broker Routing. SQL Server 2005 Books Online is installed as part of SQL Server 2005. Updates for SQL Server 2005 Books Online are available for download at sql/2005/downloads/books.mspx.
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Table 3-17 Important Properties of the WebBrowser Control
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Lesson Summary
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Selecting Files to Back Up
Lesson Summary
Lesson 2 Review
Built-in Function Samples
Figure 15-10 Capturing a replay trace
Customizing the places bar is a bit more complicated. First you add to HKCU\Software \Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\comdlg32\ the PlacesBar subkey. In PlacesBar, create the REG_DWORD values Place0, Place1, Place2, Place3, and Place4. These correspond to the five available buttons from top to bottom. The common dialog boxes will display only the buttons specified by these values; if there is a PlacesBar subkey with no values, an empty places bar will be displayed. Then set Places N to one of the settings in shown in Table 5 13. For example, to set the second button to My Music, create the REG_DWORD value Places1 in PlacesBar, and set it to 0x0D. You're not limited to the folders you see in Table 5 13, by the way. You can create the Places N value as a REG_SZ and then add the path of any folder. To restore the default places bar, remove the PlacesBar subkey and remove the NoPlacesBar value. Table 5 13: Folders for the Places Bar Folder Desktop Favorites My Documents My Music My Computer Network Neighborhood History My Pictures Recent Documents Value 0x00 0x06 0x05 0x0D 0x11 0x12 0x22 0x27 0x08
C is correct. To use domain accounts to assign array level permissions, you must deploy the Configuration Storage server in the domain. Then configure the ISA Server array in a workgroup with mirrored accounts for authentication. These accounts should be different than the domain user accounts. A and D are incorrect because placing the Configuration Storage server in a workgroup will not let you use domain accounts. B is incorrect because if the ISA Server array is in the domain, then domain accounts may be exposed.
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Lesson 7: Configuring Linked Servers
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