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Surface Area Configuration For Services And Connections
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The Advanced tab of a printer s Properties dialog box
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Audit Policies
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Creating a library and console application in Microsoft Visual Studio using Visual Basic or C#. Adding references to system class libraries to a project.
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right-click and select Properties. He then needs to click the Power tab, which lists the power consumption by attached device.
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This class is identical to the collection created earlier in the chapter, but instead of making it a collection of integers, we ll use a generic type parameter T. In every place that we had integers, we ll now put the parameter T. This T is replaced with the type name during compilation. So we can use this class to create collections that are strongly typed to any valid .NET type, as shown in the following example:
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Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Incremental backup of all servers on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday at 11:00 P.M.
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You are a DST for a bicycle repair shop that has three Windows XP Professional workstations. The owner of the shop wants you to change the resolution of the monitor to a higher resolution. He is not happy with the way pictures of bicycles he downloads from the Internet are displayed on his monitor. One of the sites he goes to says that the pictures are best displayed at 1024 768. You are seated in front of the owner s workstation. How should you change the resolution of his display A. From Control Panel, select Appearance And Themes, change the desktop background, and then drag the slider to the 1024 768 screen resolution. B. Depending on the monitor the owner has, screen resolution changes are made from the monitor control buttons, normally located on the front of the monitor. C. Tell the user they need to purchase a new monitor. D. From Control Panel, select Appearance And Themes, click Display, and then click the Settings tab in the Display Properties dialog box. You can then drag the slider to the 1024 768 screen resolution or the one desired.
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Objective 4.6 Questions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16-34
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Lesson 1
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Lesson Review
Understanding DNS in Windows Server 2003 Networks
CREATE CERTIFICATE MyCertificate ENCRYPTION BY PASSWORD = 'ghf@BR*hJ98R' WITH START_DATE = '08/12/2006', EXPIRY_DATE = '08/12/2007', SUBJECT = '';
5. Start Kerbtray and note that there are no Kerberos tickets. 6. Reconnect the network connection. 7. Start a Network Monitor capture on Computer1. 8. Map to the capture share on Computer1. You should use the name of the com puter in the path, in other words, \\Computer1\Capture. 9. From the Capture menu of Network Monitor, select Stop And View and answer the following questions. Were you successful
By default, the Database Mirroring endpoint is defined on port 5022. Although port 5022 can be used for Database Mirroring, it is recommended that you choose a differ ent port number to avoid a configuration that can be attacked by an inexperienced hacker who is trying to exploit systems using a default configuration. You can configure multiple SQL Server instances on a single server, and each instance can have a single Database Mirroring endpoint. However, you must set the port num ber for the Database Mirroring endpoint on each instance on the same server to a dif ferent port number. If you will be using only a single instance per server for Database Mirroring, you should standardize a port number within your environment. You can assign a name to each endpoint that you create. The name for a Database Mir roring endpoint is used only when the state is being changed or a GRANT/REVOKE statement is being issued. Because the endpoint name is used only by a database administrator (DBA) for internal operations, it is recommended that you leave the name set to its default value of Mirroring.
be used as essentially a default culture when consistency is desired. One situation where this category might be desirable to use is creating a trial application with a hard-coded expiration date. Using an invariant will allow you to check for a specific date, regardless of the culture s format, which will greatly simplify the task of comparing these dates. The invariant culture is not based on the English language per se, but it is associated with it and bears more similarities to it than to any other identifiable culture. Although it might be tempting to use the invariant culture for every possible comparison and just ignore specific cultural comparisons, doing so is a great mistake. Without intending to do so, you can overuse an invariant culture and end up with language that is syntactically incorrect or inappropriate.
Console.WriteLine("Error: {0} Message: {1}", args.UserState, _
10 Protecting the Computer
Overview of Basic Troubleshooting
//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // IManipulationEvents methods //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// virtual HRESULT STDMETHODCALLTYPE ManipulationStarted( /* [in] */ FLOAT x, /* [in] */ FLOAT y);
Console.WriteLine("Using queue: {0}", cQueueName)
Quick Check
Case Scenario: Consolidating Dispersed Data
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