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Lesson 5 Practice: Exercise 3
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9. On the Phone Book page, clear the Automatically Download Phone Book Updates check box, and then click Next. 10. On the Dial-Up Networking Entries page, click Next. 11. On the Routing Table Update page, click Next. 12. On the Automatic Proxy Configuration page, click Next. 13. On the Custom Actions page, click New. 14. In the New Custom Action dialog box, enter the following information:
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After this lesson, you will be able to:
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Database Mirroring
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Shawn Wildermuth Designing components is one of the most important tasks of any professional developer. The key to any design is experience. You can t learn design from this or any book. It s a matter of designing components, reviewing them with other people, and finding out what mistakes you make rinse and repeat. The most important part of that process is that you review the design with other people. Software development is a collaborative process.
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Your organization, Northwind Traders, is creating a Web-based application to allow customers to enter their own contact information into your database. As a new employee, you are assigned a simple task: create the front-end interface and prepare the user input to be stored in a database. You begin by interviewing several company personnel and reviewing the technical requirements. Interviews
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Bridgehead servers are selected automatically, and the ISTG creates the intersite replication topology to ensure that changes are replicated effectively between bridgeheads sharing a site link. Bridgeheads are selected per partition, so it is possible that one DC in a site might be the bridgehead server for the schema and another might be for the configuration. However, you will usually find that one domain controller is the bridgehead server for all partitions in a site unless there are domain controllers from other domains or application directory partitions, in which case bridgeheads will be chosen for those partitions.
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By creating Database Snapshots against a mirror database, you can leverage Database Mirroring to scale reporting activity.
Case Scenario 2: Choosing the Feedback Mechanism
Description Evaluates a condition, and displays a message if the condition evaluates to false. Flushes the output buffer and then calls the Close method on each of the attached listeners. Outputs a failure message. Flushes the output buffer, and causes buffered data to write to the Listeners collection. Increments the indent level by one. This method is mainly useful for formatting purposes. Writes a message followed by a line terminator to the trace listeners in the Listeners collection. Opposite of the Indent method. Decrements the indent level by one unit. Writes information about attached Debug or Trace class listener objects in the Listeners collection.
The typical solution for avoiding these types of deadlocks is to always access tables in the order parent to child, such as Customer to Order. What if you first need to read the order (child) and then update the customer (parent) based on the previous select First, you can probably do this by executing an UPDATE statement with a subquery. If not, you can start by executing a dummy statement to lock the parent row. (To avoid firing triggers, use a SELECT statement, rather than an UPDATE statement, as the dummy statement.) For example:
Before you can use the data in a profile, you must understand the requirements for your component:
B. Incorrect: The NTFS file system is not available for Windows 98. If you installed Windows XP over the Windows 98 operating system, you could use the NTFS file system on all the partitions. However, there is a likely chance that the older game programs and possibly some of the game peripherals will not work properly under the Windows XP operating system. C. Incorrect: Creating a new partition and formatting the disk will erase the user s programs and data. This was not something that the user requested. D. Correct: This option will enable the user to boot the workstation in either oper ating system. If the computer is booted into the Windows 98 operating system, the user would have no access to the NTFS partition because Windows 98 does not recognize the NTFS file system. This option will give the user the security features of NTFS, while allowing her to play the computer games in Windows 98.
automatically. To enable each service, right-click on it within the Services console and select Properties. Change the start-up type to automatic and then click Start, as shown in Figure 2-25.
Windows XP with Service Pack 2 includes a tool named Security Center (shown in Figure 10-9) for centrally managing the three most important aspects of protecting a computer: firewall settings, automatic updates, and virus protection. Security Center shows the status of each of these security tools and also provides centralized security alerts to users, letting them know when updates are available, and when programs are out of date. You can open Security Center by clicking Start, pointing to All Programs, pointing to Accessories, pointing to System Tools, and then clicking Security Center.
Memory requirements
Optimize Server Disk Performance
Lesson 1: Enforcing SQL Server Security Through Group Policy
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