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Printing Code128 in .NET IP Address Classes

Understanding Virtual Private Networks . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10-49
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8. Click OK. The Computer Name Changes message box appears, welcoming you to the domain1.local domain. 9. Click OK. A message box indicates that you need to restart the computer for the changes to take effect. 10. Click OK, and then click OK in the System Properties dialog box. The System Settings Change message box appears, asking whether you want to restart the computer now. 11. Click Yes to restart the computer. Computer2 restarts.
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Lesson Review
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Troubleshoot Access to Files and Shared Folders
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The three phases are defined as follows:
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Why This Matters
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Describe the stages of a DHCP leasing process Recognize and read various DHCP messages in a Network Monitor trace
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At this point, you can test the service. 7. In Solution Explorer, right-click the TransactionalService project, click Debug, and then select Start New Instance. This causes the WcfsvcHost application to run the service, and the WCF Test Client starts. In a few seconds, in the WCF Test Client, you see a list of the methods in the service that you re creating. 8. Double-click the UpdateNoTransaction method in the left pane. 9. On the right side, set the value for the SqlStmt parameter to INSERT INTO DemoTable VALUES (1, 'Sample Data'), and then click Invoke. If a Security Warning dialog box appears, click OK. In a few seconds, you will see that the response value is 1, indicating that the update on the service side was successful. The WCF Test Client can be closed to stop the debugging session. Based on the names of the methods, you would expect one of the methods (the one named UpdateWithTransaction) to have an active transaction. To ensure this, the method must be marked as such in the OperationContract attribute.
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figURE 5-20 Internet Explorer Privacy tab
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Module Module1 Sub Main(ByVal args As String()) "Alias the Microsoft.Web.Services3 and "WebDemoCS.localhost namespaces Dim DemoService As AuthorService = New AuthorService() Dim DemoAuthor As Author = DemoService.GetAuthorInformation()
There are several ways to protect information in the directory:
18. Open the StandardClient project s Program.cs file (if you re using C#) or the Module1.vb file (if you re using Visual Basic .NET). Modify the file so that it looks like the following:
Full Control
Implementing ISA Server 2004, Enterprise Edition
Finally, after all the introductions, we can go ahead and read a location report. We already mentioned that the name of the method, ILocation::GetReport, is used to read a location report. Now it is time to explain how this method works and see a few code examples. The following code illustrates how to read a Lat-Long location report. Assuming the status of the Lat-Long report is valid (REPORT_RUNNING), it is safe to read the location report. You need to call the ILocation::GetReport method, passing the type of location report you want to read (IID_ILatLongReport, in our case) and a pointer to ILocationReport. Remember that ILocationReport is the base interface for all location reports; therefore, it is safe to return as the out parameter of the GetReport method for all report location types. Next, you need to cast (actually, convert) the generic ILocationReport to the desired report type (ILatLongReport, in our case). You do this using the QueryInterface method, passing a pointer to the desired location report type pointer interface (using ATL and smart pointers). You then double-check
After this lesson, you will be able to
Index pages and data pages in SQL Server 2005
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