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Security and Security Permissions
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aReader = New XmlTextReader("C:\SampleXml.xml")
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In Object Explorer, right-click the Process Database job you just created, and then click Start Job At Step to run the job. Optionally, schedule the Process Database job to run on a schedule.
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Implementing Log Shipping
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1. Correct Answer: B A. Incorrect: Disabling Away Mode allows the computer to be fully shut down. When a computer is fully shut down, it cannot be awakened by a paired Media Center Extender. B. Correct: Away Mode ensures that even when the computer is shut down, it will still be responsive to requests made by the Media Center Extender. C. Incorrect: Disabling the screen saver has no effect on whether the computer can be awakened by a Media Center Extender. D. Incorrect: The High Performance Power Plan does not make the Windows Vista computer responsive to requests made by the Media Center Extender because it is possible to completely shut down the computer when this plan is active. 2. Correct Answer: C A. Incorrect: Although Media Center can be configured to watch network folders, watched folders must be configured through Windows Media Center on the computer running Windows Vista. B. Incorrect: Although permissions can be an issue when configuring watched folders, it is necessary to configure the folders that can be viewed on the extender from within Media Center on the Windows Vista computer first. If these folders could not be seen through Media Center, you would start to look at issues such as permissions. C. Correct: It is necessary to configure the folders that can be viewed on the extender within the Media Center application on the Windows Vista computer.
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1. Which method illustrates how to retrieve information for the current culture of the application (Choose all that apply.) A. Create a new instance of the CultureInfo class, and instantiate it with no values specified in the constructor. B. Use the CurrentCulture property of the CurrentThread property of the Thread instance. C. Create a new instance of the CultureInfo class, and use an invariant culture. D. Create an instance of the CultureInfo class using a specific culture, and check the CurrentCulture property. 2. Which of the following statements describes the neutral and specific culture en-US A. The specific culture is en, and US is the neutral culture. B. The specific culture is US, and en is the neutral culture. C. The combination of both represents a neutral culture. D. The neutral culture is en-US, and no specific culture is specified. 3. What method should be used to perform case-insensitive, culturally aware String comparisons A. Specify a culture for each string. Create a CompareInfo class, and call its Compare method, passing in both strings. B. Specify a culture for each string. Create a CompareInfo class, and call its Compare method, passing in both strings and specifying CompareOptions. IgnoreCase. C. Use the String.CompareTo method, and just specify the other string. D. Use the ToUpper or ToLower method of each string, and simply ensure that they are both the same case.
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You are an Exchange organization administrator for The Adatum Corporation. Two of your tasks are to configure mailbox settings and to move mailboxes both individually and in bulk within the forest. Answer the following questions: 1. You want to move all the mailboxes in the database Mailbox Database in the storage group First Storage Group to the database Adatum Employees Mailbox Database in the storage group Second Storage Group. You want to delete the mailboxes in the source database after you have moved them to the target database. What command should you use 2. You want to set the quota warning limit for all mailboxes in the database Adatum Employees Mailbox Database in the storage group Second Storage Group to 4 GB. Currently, this quota is at its default value (1.9 GB) for all mailboxes in the database. What command do you use 3. You want to move Kim Akers s mailbox to the database Adatum Employees Mailbox Database in the storage group Second Storage Group. You want to delete the mailbox in the source database after you have moved it to the target database. You want the moved mailbox to retain its current recipient policies. What command do you use code 128 barcode
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link to a lot of other objects in the model. These objects can be thought of as the perspective objects. That is, they are the objects that you most typically start with and examine the relationships from their perspective. They are usually easy to pick out. For example, a Project or ClientAccount object in a client billing application will end up with a lot of links and be considered as important from a point of view. These objects also participate heavily in the feature set, modules, submodules, requirements, and use cases. The other objects in your ORM are sometimes bit players in the domain. Other times they end up as simply properties, or even values of properties, of a class. To create your business domain (class diagram) you should look through your ORMs and pick out the domain objects and their properties. You then need to apply the physical constraints of your technology choices and the constraints of your solution architecture to the class diagram. The result should be a domain model that stays true to your logical model and supports your technology choices.
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' VB Using ts2 As New TransactionScope(TransactionScopeOption.Required, _ New TimeSpan(1)) // C# using (TransactionScope ts2 = new TransactionScope( TransactionScopeOption.Required, new TimeSpan(1)))
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Lessons in this chapter:
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Lesson 2: Important Active Directory Concepts
Module Execution Context
A DNS zone is a contiguous portion of a namespace for which a server is authoritative. A server can be authoritative for one or more zones, and a zone can contain one or more contiguous domains. For example, one server can be authoritative for both and zones, and each of these zones can include two or more domains. Contiguous domains such as .com,, and example.lucernepub can become separate zones through the process of delegation, by which the responsibility for a subdomain within the DNS namespace is assigned to a sepa rate entity. Zone files contain resource records for the zones for which a server is authoritative. In many DNS server implementations, zone data is stored in text files; however, DNS serv ers running on Windows 2000 or Windows Server 2003 domain controllers can also store zone information in Active Directory.
Configuring the Surface Area
Off the Record Although you need to know how to perform these calculations for the exam, most sysadmins avoid doing so on the job. Administrators who need to determine subnet related information typically use what is called a subnet calculator or network calculator. Many of these utilities can be downloaded for free, and some even operate directly from Web pages. Typically, subnet calculators allow you to enter some addressing requirements, such as a network address and number of hosts per subnet, and then automatically calculate the rest of the addressing information for you. This information can include the appropriate subnet mask, the number of subnets, the binary form of the address, and the subnet broadcast address.
' VB Try Dim proxy As New FaultServiceClient() Console.WriteLine(proxy.Hello("World")) Catch de As FaultException(Of DemoFault) Console.WriteLine("DemoFault returned") Catch fe As FaultException Console.WriteLine("FaultException returned") Catch ce As CommunicationException Console.WriteLine("CommunicationException returned") End Try
Lesson 2: Monitoring System Performance
1. You want to verify that your application can support the target number of concurrent users without becoming unusable. This is an example of what type of testing A. Bounds testing B. Load testing C. Performance testing D. Stress testing 2. Which of the following are true statements about integration testing (Choose all that apply.) A. Integration tests, like unit tests, are white box tests and thus the responsibility of developers. B. Integration tests should define a series of inputs and expected outputs for each test case.
Troubleshoot file system access on multiple boot computers. Troubleshoot permissions issues on multiple boot computers. Configure applications on multiple boot computers.
Start Visual Studio, and then create a new project. Navigate to Visual Basic, Windows, and then select the Class Library template. Give the new project the name tK 448 ch11 customassembly. In Solution Explorer, right-click the Class1.vb module and rename it customcolor.vb. In the message box that appears, click Yes to also rename all references to Class1 in the code generated by Visual Studio. Add two public functions to the class: one shared (Shared is a Visual Basic keyword to create static members) and one instance-based. Your code should look like this:
Sending and Receiving a Message Synchronously
You are working as an administrator for a company named Trey Research, a manufacturer of wireless tracking devices. You are working with Olinda, a technical writer and translator who is creating a user manual in English and French for the software interface to one of the company s products.
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