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Evaluate the Impact of the Bug
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Lesson 2: Creating Models and Applying Algorithms barcode label printing
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figURE 7-40 The Media Type page of the Task Sequence Media Wizard
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Basic fault finding
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For details about all the practice test options available, see the section titled How to Use the Practice Tests in this book s Introduction. pdf417
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Enabling Inline AutoComplete You can enable Inline AutoComplete using the Advanced options of Internet Explorer by following these steps: 1. Open Internet Explorer, and from the Tools menu, select Internet Options. 2. From the Advanced tab, scroll down to the end of the Browsing section. 3. Select the Use Inline AutoComplete check box. Click OK. code 39 barcode
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9 Review
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Practice: On the ISA Server Management Console, navigate to the Monitoring node and select the Sessions tab. On the Tasks tab, open the Edit Filter task. This opens the Edit Filter dialog box. Use the drop-down Filter to select Session Type. Set the Condition to Equals and the Value to VPN Client. Click Add To List. Repeat this procedure using the settings Filter By Session type, Condition to Equals and the Value to VPN Remote Site. Click Add To List and then click Start Query.
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Supports application partition and AD LDS policy Command line management. To audit AD LDS changes and log old and new val- Administrative Tools ues for both objects and attributes. program group %SystemRoot% \ADAM folder Command line
Setting Drillthrough Security
Case Scenario Exercise Questions
In this exercise, you create the base line for the query that needs to be optimized by executing it without adding any indexes.
4. Add a second button to the form and set the following properties:
The Dallas headquarters is connected to the Atlanta branch by means of a 256Kb frame relay circuit and to San Francisco by means of a 128Kb frame relay circuit. Dallas is connected to the London headquarters using a 64Kb frame relay circuit. Both the Dal las and London offices are using a 155 Mbps ATM as a backbone. Clients are connected to the backbone via 10/100 Mbps connections. At the branch offices, clients and serv ers are all connected via 10/100 Mbps connections. Currently, each location is configured with its own domain, named after the location. Both branch offices and the subsidiary office are configured to trust the Dallas domain. The Dallas domain is also configured to trust each of the other domains.
1. You are a server administrator for This morning, your boss came in with a new request. You need to repurpose SERVER04 with a new role as soon as possible. SERVER04 currently hosts five AD LDS instances. You must uninstall AD LDS from this server. You log on to SERVER04 with local administrative rights and launch an elevated command prompt. You use the ocsetup command with the /uninstall switch, and it does not work. Which of the following options should you use to resolve the problem A. You must restart the server to make sure all running setup processes are complete and then run the uninstall command again. B. You must use Server Manager to remove all AD LDS instances and the role. C. You must uninstall all existing instances of AD LDS first, using Programs And Features in Control Panel, and then execute ocsetup /uninstall from the command prompt. D. You must use the oclist command to verify the syntax of the option you are trying to remove with the ocsetup command. You retry the ocsetup command with the correct syntax.
1. Log in to your domain at your member server by using either your domain administrator account or an account that has been added to the sysadmin server role. (If you are using virtual machine software, log on to your domain and connect to your member server.) 2. From the Programs (or All Programs) menu, choose Administrative Tools, choose Performance, and then choose System Monitor. Click Add Counters (the + button), and display the Performance Object drop-down menu. Figure 1-1 shows some of the performance objects added by SQL Server. The name of your member server might differ from that shown in the figure, depending on your test lab setup. 3. Close the Add Counters dialog box. 4. Expand Performance Logs and Alerts. Select Counter logs. 5. From the Action menu, choose New Log Settings. Name the new log MyCounterLog, and click OK. The MyCounterLog dialog box is shown in Figure 1-2.
You should know where Windows Firewall log files are stored, whether logging is available, and what kind of information you can learn from log files.
Private Sub ConnectToDatabase(ByVal connectionString As String)
Correct Answers: B
(SELECT CategoryName FROM ProductCategory WHERE ProductCategoryID = Product.ProductCategoryID)
Figure 6-10
Alternatively, the same result can be obtained using a single SELECT statement. The following Transact-SQL query can be used to retrieve the total count and sum:
2. You are connecting your branch office to a third-party VPN gateway at the head office. Which tunneling protocol should you use
Lesson 2: Creating Usage Reports
Default User profile Windows uses the Default User profile as a template to create all new profiles on the computer. When a new user logs on, the user receives a copy of the Default User profile as his or her own personal user profile. You can customize the Default User profile to control which options and settings a new user will receive. Modifications to the Default User profile affect only the profiles of new users existing personal profiles are not affected. The Default User profile is stored in the \Documents And Settings\Default User folder, which is hidden. To view and work with this folder, you must set the Folder Options in Windows Explorer to include hidden files and folders. All Users profile The All Users profile contains settings that apply to every user who logs on to the computer. Windows merges the settings in All Users with the current user s profile for the duration of the logon session, but the settings are not made a permanent part of the user s profile. You can modify the All Users profile to contain settings that all users logging on to the computer should have. For example, many applications create shortcuts in the Start menu or desktop of the
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