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The DNS configuration involves several activities. These include:
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Be sure to know the pieces that are required to establish a terminal server clus ter. Should you decide to implement a terminal server cluster within your enterprise, you can refer to the Help And Support Center for detailed instructions for doing so.
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Specifies that text is trimmed to the nearest word.
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If necessary, open SSMS and connect to the appropriate instance of SQL Server 2008. In a new query window, type and execute the following SQL statements to use the TestDB database:
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2. Connect to INSTM, open a new query window, and execute the following command:
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Page 6-29
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Create a snapshot of the AdventureWorks database. Drop the Production.Document table. Revert to the snapshot you created prior to dropping the table.
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In this example, notice that the last entry shows that Computer1 and Computer2 are communicating over port 3389. In this specific instance, you can see that the Process Identifier (PID) is 736. If you then want to correlate that PID with the actual process that is using the port, you must return to Task Manager. In Task Manager, you can select the Processes tab. However, by default the Processes tab does not display the PIDs of processes. You can choose to see the PIDs by opening the View menu, selecting Columns, and selecting PID (Process Identifier), as shown in Figure 12-12.
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Most of these policies are self-explanatory. If you enable the Time (In Seconds) To Force Reboot policy, for example, you need to specify the amount of time that you want the system to wait until a reboot. If you disable or do not configure this setting, the system does not force a reboot and any access right policies you configure do not take effect until the system is restarted. Configuring the Custom Classes access rights policies lets you specify removable storage classes by entering the class GUID. The Removable Disks policies do not apply to CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs, or floppy disks and typically are used to control access to USB flash memory, portable media players, and cellular phones. However, if you enable the All Removable Storage Classes: Deny All Access policy, this denies execute, read, and write permission to all types of removable media and overwrites any other Configured removable media access rights policies. If you enable the All Removable Storage: Allow Direct Access policy in remote sessions, remote users can access removable storage devices in remote sessions.
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Objective 6.6 Questions 1.
Removing AD LDS from a server requires two activities:
Teach and Inform the End User
SELECT INTO Copies the structure of an existing mining model into a new model and trains it with the same data DROP MINING MODEL
Authentication Protocol Features
The idea is that any client making a request to the service will use this pattern of code. If two clients must share an instance, the instance ID from one client will be sent to the second client, which would then include that in the message header it sends to the service. Sending the header information is just the starting point. On the service side, the presence of the instance ID must be recognized and extracted from the request. This ID is then used as the key to a collection of previously created instances. If the corresponding instance already exists in the collection, it must be used to process the request. If the instance ID does not exist, a new instance must be created and then added to the collection to handle future requests. The mechanism to implement the preceding scenario might not be obvious. Fortunately, Microsoft uses a provider model for the creation of instances to process requests. The interface for this is named IInstanceContextProvider. This interface exposes four methods: GetExistingInstanceContext, InitializeInstanceContext, IsIdle, and NotifyIdle. These four methods actually work in two groups. GetExistingInstanceContext and InitializeInstanceContext work in concert to determine which instance of the service s implementation object will be used to create the response. The GetExistingInstanceContext method is invoked as part of the process of handling an incoming request. The result from this method is either an existing instance context or a value of null/ Nothing. In the latter case, WCF recognizes that no instance has been previously created, so it creates a new instance and then invokes the InitializeInstanceContext method. The idea is that any setup that must be performed on the new instance will be done in the InitializeInstanceContext method. In the case of the instance-sharing mode, this would normally include saving the new instance so that it can be retrieved in a future call to GetExistingInstanceContext. WCF uses the IsIdle and NotifyIdle methods when it believes that all the activities associated with an instance have been completed. At this point, the IsIdle method is invoked. It is up to this method to determine whether the client (or clients) no longer needs the instance. The method returns a Boolean value, and if it returns true, then WCF will close the context.
Tip An even quicker way to get things onto your Quick Launch toolbar is to drag them there. Use your right mouse button to drag any shortcut from the Start menu (or desktop or any folder) to the Quick Launch area. When you let go of the mouse button, a menu pops up ask ing whether you want to copy or move the shortcut. Choose Copy to add the item to Quick Launch and also leave a copy in its original location. You might move items to the Quick Launch bar if, for example, you are cleaning shortcuts off of a cluttered desktop.
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3. What tools can we use to keep the time we spend testing to a minimum
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