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To restore a system using Automated System Recovery, restart using the Windows Server 2003 CD-ROM, just as if you were installing the operating system on the com puter. If the computer requires a mass storage device driver that is not included with Windows Server 2003, press F6 when prompted and provide the driver on a floppy disk. After loading initial drivers, the system will prompt you to press F2 to perform an Automated System Recovery. Press F2 and follow the instructions on your screen. Automated System Recover will prompt you for the system s ASR floppy, which con tains two catalogs, or lists, of files required to start the system. Those files will be loaded from the CD-ROM. Automated System Recovery will restore remaining critical files, including the system s registry, from the system s ASR backup set. There is a restart during the process, and if the computer requires a vendor-specific mass storage device driver, you will need to press F6 during this second restart as well. Because there is a restart, you should either remove the floppy after the initial text-based por tion of the restore, or set the restart order so that the system does not attempt to restart from the floppy drive.
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Figure 6-13 Use the Safely Remove Hardware dialog box to stop a device before disconnecting it.
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Once logical printers have been set up, configured and shared on print servers, and once clients have been connected to those printers, you must begin to maintain and monitor those logical and physical printers. This lesson will give you guidance in the maintenance and troubleshooting of printers in a Windows Server 2003 environment. You will learn to support printer drivers, to redirect printers, to configure performance and utilization logs, and to methodically troubleshoot print errors.
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In this exercise, you will modify an existing MMC to connect to a remote computer. 1. Open the saved MMC from the exercise in Lesson 1 (MyEvents). 2. From the File menu, click Add/Remove Snap-In. 3. In the Add/Remove Snap-In dialog box, click Add to display the Add Standalone Snap-In dialog box. 4. Locate the Computer Management snap-in, and then click Add. 5. In the Computer Management dialog box, select Another Computer. 6. Type the name or IP address of the computer, or browse the network for it, and then click Finish to connect. 7. Click Close in the Add Standalone Snap-In dialog box, and then click OK to load the Computer Management snap-in to your MyEvents console. You can now use the management tools to administer the remote computer.
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Always use CAS assembly declarations to restrict the CAS permissions granted to your assembly so that your assembly has only the bare minimum required for all functionality. You can control permissions on a more granular level by restricting permissions for individual methods using method declarations, or by restricting permissions within methods using imperative statements. Two of the SecurityAction enumerations and permission methods cause the runtime to reduce CAS permissions: Deny and PermitOnly. The difference between the two enumerations is that Deny removes a single permission or permission set, whereas PermitOnly removes all permissions except the requested permission or permission set. Recall from Lesson 3 that Deny performs a similar function to RequestRefuse, whereas PermitOnly is similar to RequestOptional.
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If a message inspector is added, then the two methods that are mostly likely to be of interest are ApplyClientBehavior (to add inspection to the client side) and ApplyDispatchBehavior (to
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CLIENT NETWORK CONNECTION Public IPv6 address Public IPv4 address Private (NAT) IPv4 address Client unable to connect to network due to firewall, but is connected to the Internet
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this.Invoke(del, new object[]{t});
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ging on with the user name You should see the desk-
Correct Answers: C A. Incorrect: Not having the correct permissions would not prevent the Windows XP operating system from starting. Also, because the accountants were able to run Windows XP prior to the software program being installed, this is most likely not a permissions problem. B. Incorrect: It is unlikely that the installation of the software application infected only 12 of the workstations with a virus, and not all the workstations. C. Correct: Windows XP Professional requires activation within 30 days from the first boot. Because the operating system was installed on April 15 and the manager called the DST on May 15, this is the most likely cause of the problem. D. Incorrect: Windows XP Professional does not require NTFS as the file system.
D. Correct: A /22 subnet mask provides a maximum of 1,022 host addresses. This number is adequate. E. Incorrect: A /23 subnet mask provides a maximum of 510 host addresses. This number is inadequate. F. Incorrect: A /22 subnet mask provides a maximum of 1,022 host addresses. This number is surplus to requirements. G. Correct: A /23 subnet mask provides a maximum of 510 host addresses. This number is adequate. H. Incorrect: A /24 subnet mask provides a maximum of 254 host addresses. This number is surplus to requirements. I. Incorrect: A /25 subnet mask provides a maximum of 126 host addresses. This number is surplus to requirements. J. Correct: A /26 subnet mask provides a maximum of 62 host addresses. This num ber is adequate.
In addition, the Exchange Server Management Pack provides a report that reveals the top 100 users in an Exchange organization. This information is collected from the Message Tracking log on the Exchange server. This provides more detailed, informative, and easy-to-read reports than does the use of Exchange Management Shell commands based on the Get-MessgeTrackingLog cmdlet, although the use of Exchange Management Shell is a valid technique, especially in smaller organizations where MOM is not used. Exchange Management Shell reporting is described later in this lesson.
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Improving Performance with Covered Indexes
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