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The Properties dialog box of a policy setting
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In our discussion of these features, we ll again look at the design considerations pertinent to integrating an application with the Windows 7 taskbar and the Windows 7 user experience guidelines, and we ll look at the native and managed APIs that make this integration possible.
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When creating a user, you are prompted to configure the most common user properties, including logon names and password. However, user objects support numerous additional properties that you can configure at any time using Active Directory Users And Computers. These properties facilitate the administration of, and the searching for, an object. To configure the properties of a user object, select the object, click the Action menu, and then choose Properties. The user s Properties dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 3-3. An alternative way to view an object s properties would be to right-click the object and select Properties from the shortcut menu.
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What Is Type Forwarding
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At least a single domain Ideally, a minimum of two forests will exist. forest At worst, use one forest and one AD LDS store. Obtain an SSL server authentication certificate for each deployed AD FS server role Rely on an external third-party commercial CA to obtain a trusted certificate or enterprise CAs. Use self-signed certificates only in testing environments. Each of the federation servers and the Federation Service Proxy and the Web agent servers needs an authentication certificate.
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6. Increase the amount of data that the user can store on drive C by changing the Limit Disk Space To setting to 10 MB and the Set Warning Level To setting to 6 MB. 7. Click OK to return to the Quota Entries For Local Disk (C:) window. 8. Close the Quota Entries For Local Disk (C:) window. 9. Click OK to close the Local Disk (C:) Properties dialog box. 10. Log off. 11. Log on as User5. 12. Start Windows Explorer and create a User5 folder on drive C. 13. Insert the CD-ROM you used to install Windows XP Professional into your CDROM drive. 14. If a dialog box appears as a result of inserting the CD-ROM, close it. 15. Copy the i386 folder from your CD-ROM to the User5 folder. Windows XP Professional begins copying files from the i386 folder on the CDROM to a new i386 folder in the User5 folder on drive C. After copying some files, Windows XP Professional displays the Error Copying File Or Folder dialog box, indicating that there is not enough room on the disk. 16. Why did you get this error message
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Use the Advanced Security Settings dialog box to configure advanced permissions. generate data matrix
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Microsoft Certified Professional Program
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Further Reading
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1. You have been asked to create an application feature that requires a user to set multiple complex groups of properties before executing a task. This feature will get little use. Which of the following approaches should you take A. Create a form with multiple tabs. In each tab represent a group of properties. Name each tab based on the given group. Allow users to click a single Finish button on the form once they believe they are complete. B. Create a wizard that walks a user through each group of properties. Logically order the various property groups. Allow a user to go back and forth between the groups. Once all properties are completely set, enable the Finish button. C. Create a single powerful form that shows each property group as a group box. Allow the user to set the properties. Enable the Finish button once all properties are completely set. D. Automatically set each property to a commonly used default value. Display this list to the user. Allow users to right-click any property they wish to change. Allow users to hit a single Finish button on the form once they believe they are complete. 2. You have been asked to make the user interface highly accessible. To meet with other customer requirements, you have specified non-standard colors and fonts in your application. Which of the following will help you realize this goal (Choose all that apply.) A. Use task panes to provide the user additional help on key tasks. B. Use both visual and audio cues to alert the user to items in the application. C. Allow the user to select an alternate, high-contrast color scheme for the application. D. Allow the user to change the application font size. 3. You are defining the taxonomy for your application. Because users have struggled with the current version, you want to create an intuitive layout. Which of the following should provide you the most input A. The application requirements B. The current application C. The use cases D. The object role models (ORMs)
Overview of Name Resolution 13-35
Description A Boolean value that indicates whether cookies are accepted by the client and then presented to the service on subsequent requests. The authentication scheme used by the client to authenticate with the HTTP listener on the service. A Boolean value that indicates whether any configured proxy server should be bypassed if the address for the service is a local address. Indicates how the host name will be matched in the URI. The possible values include an exact match (which would preclude interchanging localhost and the machine name, for example) or a strong and weak wildcard match. A Boolean value indicating whether a persistent connection to the service should be established. The URI for the proxy that will be used as part of the transport chain. The scheme that will be used to authenticate the client with the proxy prior to sending the request. The realm used by basic and digest authentication to segregate different sets of protected resources.
public override object GetInitializer(System.Type serviceType) { return null; } public override object GetInitializer(LogicalMethodInfo methodInfo, SoapExtensionAttribute attribute) { return null; } public override void Initialize(object initializer) { } }
1. Correct Answer: D A. Incorrect: There is no Action element for the 1.1 specification. B. Incorrect: There is no Action element for either the 1.1 or 1.2 specification. C. Incorrect: Although the elements are correct here, the keyword must indi cates that all elements are required but the Header element is optional.
CAS (code access security) A security system that enables administrators and develop-
Because access rules are evaluated in order based on the priority assigned in the ISA Server Management Console interface, it is important that you assign these priorities correctly.
5. In the Shared Documents folder, from the Edit menu, select Paste.
Lesson Review
Values for the FormBorderStyle Property
Third = 3rd Second = 2nd Fourth = 4th First = 1st
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