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2. Correct Answer: D A. Incorrect. B. Incorrect. C. Incorrect. D. Correct. Input, Output, and InputOutput are the primary types of parame ters you can use in a .NET Framework Data Provider. 3. Correct Answer: B A. Incorrect. The .NET Framework data type in your application that the parameter represents is not the correct type for the SqlParameter.SqlDbType property. B. Correct. It is the type of column or data in SQL Server that the command expects. C. Incorrect. The type of column in a DataTable that it represents is only a valid data type for the application. D. Incorrect. All types defined in the SqlDbDataType enumeration correspond to the SQL Server types, but you must pick the correct one for your param eter.
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The DNS Client service is also known as the resolver.
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Which one is the better approach: using Visual Studio or svcutil to create your proxy classes In many cases, it s a matter of developer preference, but here are a few points to consider: Using the svcutil utility gives you the most control. Using the svcutil utility requires additional manual steps such as adding the reference to System.ServiceModel, adding the resulting proxy code to your project, and so on, that Visual Studio does automatically. The svcutil utility can be useful in an automated build scenario in which you want to generate proxy classes as part of the automated build process.
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File that can only be read; it cannot be changed or deleted.
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= (20).ToString("C");
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On the Configure System Parameters page, review the default system parameters, make any necessary changes, and click Next. On the Complete the Wizard page, click Finish. Verify the success of the configuration, and then click Close.
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Figure 4-11
1. You want to view potential error messages about the directory service. Where can you find this information 2. You are using WSRM to control processor and memory resources for several applications on a server. However, after investigation, you see that none of your policies are applied. What could be the problem 3. What are the objects you can use to allocate resources in WSRM Quick Check Answers 1. View potential error messages about the directory service in Event Log. You can view this information in two places. The first is by clicking the server role name in the tree pane of Server Manager. This will display a summary view of directory service events. The second is by going to the Directory Service log itself, under Event Viewer. This will display all the events related to the directory service. 2. WSRM will not apply any policies if the processor usage does not reach 70 percent. 3. WSRM resource allocations can be assigned to three objects: processes, users, or IIS application pools.
B. Incorrect: This function cannot be completed using the Initialize And Convert
306 Introducing Windows 7 for Developers
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2. In the following table, match the troubleshooting tool on the left with the task that the tool is used for on the right.
The container will not start a transaction, but it will join any transaction initiated by the parent container.
If a user complains that, while using the On-Screen Keyboard accessibility tool, most keys on the screen do not blink when he or she presses a key on the phys ical keyboard, inform the user that this behavior is intended and correct. (See Knowledge Base article 294519, On-Screen Keyboard May Not Indicate External Keyboard Activity. ) If after installing a new IME as the default keyboard layout, the user complains that the previous keyboard layout is still being used, install the latest service pack to resolve the problem. (See Knowledge Base article 318388, The Original Keyboard Layout Is Used After You Configure a New Default Input Method Editor. ) If a user complains that after choosing a new language he or she cannot view the menus and dialog boxes in that language, inform the user that the Windows Mul tilingual User Interface Pack must be purchased and installed for these items to be changed. (See Microsoft Help And Support Center.)
Network Connections MyISP connects to 555-2323 MyVPN connects to User name: VpnUser Domain: DOMAIN1
ISA Server administrative roles are the only way that you can assign ISA Server administrative permissions. Use the export and import features in ISA Server to save part of the ISA Server configuration. The backup and restore feature saves the entire ISA Server configuration. To perform remote administration on ISA Server, you must be assigned to the appropriate ISA Server administrative role. In addition, the system policy configuration groups must be configured to enable remote desktop, and your workstation must be added to the Remote Management Computers computer set. To use Terminal Services or Remote Desktop, you must also have permission to make this type of connection to the server.
Another common problem developers face is when to use T-SQL aggregate functions versus using middle tier code to perform aggregations. T-SQL aggregates can be very efficient when the bounds of the aggregation are known at design time; however, it is sometimes appropriate to aggregate data based on a variable. For example, the following code demonstrates a CLR aggregate that can aggregate data based on the value of a column:
Answer C is correct. Adding sites to the Restricted Sites zone disables features such as ActiveX controls and Java. Answers A and B are incorrect because these zones do not restrict websites but instead do just the opposite.
Figure 10-3 Selecting SQL Native Client as the destination for the import
Active Directory Federation Services
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